My Mantra for PMP Success – by Arun Prakash Sharma, PMP

pmp success arun sharmaI passed my PMP exam! Leveraging the study momentum, I passed my PMP-RMP exam as well! It wasn’t easy by any stretch of imagination, but I learned my mantra for PMP success after the first attempt.

Here’s how it went for me.

I wanted to take PMP exam first after getting to know about it from a colleague. Also, I was working on a critical project for my organization and I thought that the experience and knowledge would certainly help me to prepare well for my exam.

My PMP study resources

I had a pretty simple plan.

Study Rita cover to cover twice and PMBOK twice. Give exam with utmost seriousness and everything will fall in place.

I did not face any issue as such. I failed my exam in the first attempt but I was at fault for that. I did not study well enough.

One week before the exam, I referred to my notes and followed up with all the study resources I had made during my prep.

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My success mantra

I realized there was only one thing that would get me through.

Practice more.

This may seem simple but I can’t stress this enough. I practiced as many mock tests as I could. Studying the concepts is just half the battle. You prepare yourself for the exam success on a completely different level when you practice with plenty of sample tests.

On the exam, I found questions short and to the point (to my surprise actually, I was expecting long, verbose  scenarios).

I was able to answer and completed my exam within 3.5 hours and in the remaining 30 minutes, I prayed and focused on my Karma. 🙂

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My study tip

My study tip is this: Everyone has their own learning style you need to identify it, and capitalize on it.

Being focused is a virtue that will sure get you success. Everything may not go as per the plan. When it does not, simply focus on what you can do with what you have and march on.

Lastly, here’s my favorite quote: Every question has an answer within. Just remember this and everything will be fine.

Good luck for your exam,

Arun Prakash Sharma, PMP, PMI-RMP, Prince2

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