My PMI-RMP Exam Lessons Learned, by Muhamad Thasveer, PMP, RMP

pmi rmp lessons learned muhamad thasveerPMI-RMP – A short journey that is worthwhile

After a year from the time I got my PMP certification, I had developed this longing to pursue any of the certification from the long list of certifications offered by PMI. I chose PMI-RMP because managing risks on project, in my view, is the best thing a project manager can learn.

pmi rmpIn the Project Management field, I couldn’t think of going for any other certification body other than PMI. PMI has cast such an everlasting influence on me post my PMP journey.

Back in 2015, by a stroke of luck I got in touch with Shiv, online. He suggested me to go for PM PrepCast for my PMP Prep. I did it and never regretted my decision. The product was perfect for me and I cleared the PMP exam with ease.

In 2017, I contacted Shiv again for his advice on PMI-RMP certification preparation.

This time he suggested to me to go for Simplilearn for the RMP Prep. Again, I readily accepted his viewpoint and didn’t regret.

I passed my PMI-RMP exam convincingly with an “Above Target” overall grade.

Thanks again, Shiv. Your simple tips working very well for me yet again.

Three months study time including 4 full mock exams (comes in Simplilearn’s package) is is all that it took me to prepare. This duration was found to be plenty, in fact, one can do it in less than two months.

PMI-RMP Study resources

Study resources used were –

I strongly suggest brushing up other knowledge areas in PMP as well. Especially, Cost, Time and Procurement. You can expect questions from any of the knowledge areas. So, keep that in mind!

I listened the Simplilearn online course multiple times to reinforce the subject matter. The topics were explained in simple and easy to understand method. This has set the fundamentals right for me.

A word of caution

One word of caution for the PMI-RMP exam is that I found questions totally new which I didn’t come across anywhere.

PMI restricts discussing questions in specific, so I cannot elaborate more on that. I recommend that an RMP aspirant needs to get a firm understanding of all topics covered in the PMI Practice Standard and even if some surprises come for exam those would not be decisive in the overall result.

I feel that PMI-RMP is a very good tool to have in your arsenal after you are done with PMP exam.

The overall toughness of exam in comparison to PMP is much lesser I felt because it focuses on one topic (Risk) while PMP is generic.

Let me know if I can assist you in anyway.

Wishing you success,

Muhamad Thasveer, PMP, RMP

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