Project Procurement Management

close procurements

Closing Project Procurements

Update: This process has been discontinued by PMI in the 6th version of PMBOK. This project management activity is about ...

Controlling Project Procurements

The biggest problem with contracting out work is that you do not have direct control over how the work is ...

Conducting Procurement Activities With Seller

In the project management activity to plan rocurements you have already figured out, which product, result or service to procure ...
Types of contracts

Contract Management: What You Need to Know!

How Many Types of Contracts Are Out There? Fundamentally, 2. Then there is a third, hybrid approach. The first two ...
Plan procurements image

How to Plan Procurements on the Project

Plan Procurements process is about looking at ALL of the work involved in your project, and deciding which ones are ...
Procurement management knowledge area

Manage Procurement: What We Can’t Do Ourselves, We Get Someone Else To Do

"How do you lay a jogging track, I wonder" said Kathy, flipping through requirements documents of the Landscaping project she ...

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