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Shiv, here’s my short and sweet PMP exam preparation steps and tips.

My study resources

kalaveer pmpHere is exactly what I followed while preparing.

1. Started with Rita Mulcahy, would finish the book 1st round in one and half month.
From then skimmed through the book once every 10 days.

2. then solved HeadFirst Chapter wise questions.

3. then took HeadFirst two hundred questions challenge (click and save)  and scored about 83%.

4. Thoroughly analyzed gaps in my knowledge and focused on few areas where I answered questions incorrectly. Referred to PMBOK whenever I was in need of more information (though I don’t recommend reading PMBOK for exam point of view).

5. Then again took another test challenge of 175 Q from Oliver Lehmann (downloadable) scored 76% , after this took 75 Q challenge from Oliver Lehman (online) which were little tougher than normal for me (could score 70%), at last took Simplilearn Free PMP® Mock Exam.

That’s it, I was ready to rock.

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Lessons from PMP exam point of view

1. It is better to solve questions from different sources rather relying just on source, where questions repeat while running simulation for process groups.

2. No brain dump options anymore during tutorial time, so came out during this time and just relaxing for few minutes.

3. Sleep really well the night before the exam (I stopped studying a day before the exam) and keep yourself calm and you may get first few questions tough(if unlucky) but eventually you will get questions you love.

4. What largely helps in passing the exam is your real project management experience. Else you need to assume many things and put little extra effort, that’s it.

Hope this info will help.

Kalaveer, PMP

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