Project Management Basic Concepts

work performance information, work performance data, work performance reports

How Are Work Performance Information, Data and Reports Related?

This is a common point of confusion while preparing for PMP. Here's a summary of how these stack up. The ...
project program portfolio operations

Want to know about Project Management Office (PMO)? Download Free Infographic.

In the previous post, we saw that Project Management Office (PMO) functions under various types - Supportive Directive Controlling Don't ...

Project Lifecycle & Development Lifecycle: What you need to know for the PMP exam

Project lifecycle in its basic form consists of the stages that the project goes through from initiation to closing. It ...

Introduction To Project Management Body of Knowledge 6th Version (PMBOK-6)

It is quite likely that you are already familiar with PMBOK®. But if you happen to be just looking out ...
Organizational structure

Organizational Structures: How do they impact the project?

What management activities would you perform if you have absolute control over everything on the project? Yes, quite a lot ...
Phases in a project

Project Phases, What are they?

Project phases constitute of a bunch of logically related project management activities, and in accordance with and to facilitate the ...

Who are the Stakeholders in Your Project?

Consider this scenario. State government puts up a proposal to change the path of river Netravathi so that the dry ...
Enterprise Environmental Factors

The 2 Most Important Process Inputs: Ignore these at your own peril!

Okay, let me give it out straight away. Enterprise Environmental Factors (EEF) and Organizational Process Assets (OPA) - are two ...
How to become good project manager

Who is Project Manager, and how to become a GOOD one?

How do you identify a Project Manager? There are other types of managers too in an organization! It is essential ...

The 6 Project Constraints: What Every Project Manager Should Plan For

If you asked any seasoned project manager about the most challenging part of project management, most likely the answer would ...

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