Project Resource Management

Estimate Activity Resources

Estimate Activity Resources for the Project – People & All Else

Estimating Activity Resources is the process of figuring out what type of resources, and how much of each type of ...
human resources management knowledge area

Manage Resources: Critical Area for a Project Manager

"The only vital value an enterprise has is the experience, skills, innovativeness and insights of its people" - Leif Edvinsson ...

How to Plan for Managing Resources on Your Project?

A project needs to have right set of people in the team, and right type of physical resources, in order ...
Manager vs Leader

Managing Versus Leading

"Management is about skills, leadership is about skills coupled with character." - Patrick Townsend and Joan Gebhardt in Five Star ...
Acquire Project Team

How to Acquire Resource Needed for your Project

Since PMBOK 6th version, the word 'resources' indicate team (people) as well as physical (equipment, servers, tools, infrastructure...) resource needed ...
Develop Team

Critical Tools to Develop Your Project Team!

If you thought getting the right team is the crucial part, you were right. And even more crucial is keeping ...
Soft skills

[PMP Lesson] 11 Essential Soft skills Every Project Manager Needs to Master

Recall from this post what project manager must need - the project management knowledge, to be able to perform using ...
5 types of power

14 Types of Power You Can Use as a Project Manager!

Based on whether you are working in a functional organization, matrix organization, or projectized organization, you will have varied degree ...

5 Motivational Theories That A Project Manager Must Know About!

Motivational theories are an important part of PMP exam syllabus. It is equally important that project managers understand the nuances ...
Manage Project Team process

The Right Way to Manage Project Team!

Managing the project team is essentially all about solving problems that crop up in the team, analyzing performance of team ...

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