Project Scope Management

difference between scope and requirements

What is the Difference Between Requirements and Scope?

What is the difference between Requirements and Scope? This question may confuse people even after working in the project management ...
requirements scope wbs activities

Planning for Managing Project Scope

You would have noticed that Scope management processes have two distinct words – requirements and scope – as in Collect ...
Control Scope

How To Control Scope In Your Project?

In the previous post we learned how the scope of deliverables are validated by the customer or sponsor. In this ...
Verify Scope

Validate the Scope of Project Deliverable

Your team tells you that the deliverables are complete and Quality control team certifies delivery to be good. Who decides ...
Create Work Breakdown Structure

How to Create Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) From Project Scope

The next logical step after defining scope is to identify smaller chunks of work from the requirements. These chunks of ...
Define Scope

How to Define Scope for Your Project?

Now that we have collected requirements, let us see how to define scope…. from... requirements. Yes! Requirements are the first ...
Collect requirements tools & techniques 2

How to Collect Requirements – Part 2

In the previous post we looked at some of the tools and techniques for collecting requirements in a project. Let ...
Collect requirements tools & techniques1

How to Collect Requirements – Part 1

Take a quick look at the interesting and very useful tools to Collect Project Requirements. In this post we shall ...
Collect requirements

Collecting Stakeholder Requirements

Take a moment and Google up reasons for project failure. What is the common reason you would find in top ...
Project scope creep

Gold plating Versus Scope creep

Scope management plan ensures that the project contains all the work that needs to be done, and not anything else ...

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