Agile PrepCast Review (Updated) & Discount for PMI-ACP, Get 37 PDUs

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Agile PrepCast: What is this?

Agile PrepCast is one of the most popular audio-video study resource for PMI-ACP® examination conducted by PMI®.

Many projects find Agile project management practices such as Scrum to be better suited. The advantages are obvious – in short, a project can be developed in a flexible manner that allows usability feedback based changes to be incorporated into the schedule thereby reducing cost and rework. These projects always deliver working functionality, and they deliver it in iterative fashion.

Many organizations are embracing Agile project management methodologies, hence as a project manager it only helps to study this revolutionary PM methodology.

Agile PrepCast PMI-ACP

The Agile PrepCast course is your high quality but low-cost alternative to attending a cumbersome classroom training.

This is a complete PMI-ACP® exam study approach that increases your chance of passing the Exam.

This helps you shorten your study time and still keep your focus. And you don’t even have to read the recommended books to prepare.

Most of us are hassled with juggling PMI-ACP® exam preparations along with demanding day job. And majority would work for 10-12 hrs a day – especially if you are in demanding industry like software, leaving very less time for study.

Once we decide to make a difference to our career and take up PMI-ACP® preparation, what makes it difficult is the effort needed to keep up the momentum.

College days were a different story (most of us could afford to spend ALL of our time on studies) but working in a job and studying in parallel makes it difficult. And if you are married with kid(s) it takes it to altogether different level of difficulty.

Many of us are visual learners (we love movies, that is, moving pictures + story). Research also shows that videos help us understand, remember and recall information much easily. A study commissioned by Cisco found that adding visuals to verbal (text or auditory) learning can result in significant gains in basic and higher order learning.

Hence it always better to include one of your study resources based on video course. I have taken many of professional exams in my career and the first step in my preparation has always been looking for a video or animation course that teaches the concepts. Combine this with mnemonics and mind maps you will get one of the best combination of study techniques and resources to ace your exam.

If you have decided to further your career, up-skill yourself, and hence to take up PMI-ACP® certification (or even contemplating it), sit back and relax – this Agile PrepCast review will make it easier to decide how you want to go about your preparation.

agile prepcast discountHighlights

  • If you like watching a movie, you will love this audio-visual study resource with its ease of grasping concepts.
  • Due to the nature of the product you can view and listen to it on any portable device and computer. PC, Android, iPhone, iPad – everything covered. There is no time limit, so you can watch and learn anytime.
  • You can study on the go – while commuting to office (not if YOU are driving, of course 🙂 ), during lunch hours, in a park, while jogging, or even while waiting in line.
  • Agile PrepCast has over 90 lessons comprising of 37 hours of content.
  • It contains interviews with successful PMI-ACP candidates, so you can leverage their lessons.
  • This contains a student work book, prepared based on study references recommended by PMI itself.
  • Presentation slides are simple and highly effective – this makes it easy to grasp the concepts.
  • You will get 21 hours certification towards PMI-ACP eligibility, in case you are audited. To get this you need to pass a simple test at the end of this course. You will pass this exam by answering at least 17 questions right, out of 25 questions. You can take the exam as many number of times as you wish, after 2 weeks from purchase.
  • Prepared by OSP International, trusted by thousands of PM exam aspirants, and presented by Cornelius Fichtner – one of the leading project management course instructor. This is a proven study resource used by thousands of successful PMI-ACP exam takers.

Things I Liked in Agile PrepCast

   1. 21 Contact Hour Education Requirement of PMI®

One of the eligibility requirements for appearing for PMI-ACP exam is that you need 21 contact hours of education. Although this is not the core benefit I wanted to mention this as first point here because you also need to make sure you meet PMI’s eligibility requirement.

Now that we have got past this, let us look at other  aspects.

   2. Course Content

Cornelius Flitchner is an accomplished project manager and educator. The content is mostly presentation driven and explained with very pertinent pictures and images. This helps us understand information and recall it quickly. Each lesson is a short video so it is easy to digest and can fit in even one hour of study time.

   3. Content Delivery

Cornelius has a great voice and intonation. And of course his impeccable sense of humor. His presentation style is unique and it feels as if he is talking to us directly. Entire course is recorded in studio settings giving you crystal clear voice quality. This is an essential part of an educational product. On a lighter note, his lesson ending comments are quite hilarious at times.

   4. Learn on the Move

Of course, this being a podcast/screencast you can even listen to it while you are waiting for your train/plane/someone, commuting to office (not while you are driving :), and even during lunch break. The episodes are small so even if you get 15-20 mins you can go through one episode. This is truly shaking-the-jar kind of method to fit PMP® study in your busy schedule.

   5. Cornelius Fichtner

Being a self-confessed educator I fell in love with the teaching style of Cornelius the first time I watched one of his videos for my PMP preparation. There is a feel of reassurance in his voice. His command over the language and ability to simplify the complex subject and style of delivery with an infused dose humor is a treat to watch.

   6. OSP Intl (makers of Agile PrepCast) is Recognized by PMI®

For any PMP® course a seal of quality is recognition by as R.E.P. (Registered Education Provider). It is not easy to get this recognition. The course material is scrutinized by PMI® and certified. This further needs to be re-certified regularly to maintain the high level of quality.

OSP International, the organization behind Agile PrepCast is a PMI® certified Registered Education Provider. No wonder Agile PrepCast is of such high quality.

   7. Depth and Coverage

Cornelius has covered complete syllabus from PMI’s suggested PMI-ACP Exam Content Outline. This is a major factor for you – meaning this study resource alone covers almost all of PMI-ACP syllabus. However, I would still suggest having at least one more study resource, and a recommended one is PMI-ACP Exam Prep Book by Mike Griffiths.

Now, apart from PMI-ACP Exam Content Online, Cornelius covers entire examination process in this study course, including –

Overview of the exam, eligibility criteria, Application and Audit processes, exam study tips and techniques, re-certification process and so on.

This is just about all that you will ever need to know about PMI-ACP certification process!

Sample one of his study tips using mnemonics about User Stories –

To ensure all user stories are effective, you need to “INVEST”:

  • Independent
  • Negotiable
  • Valuable
  • Estimatable
  • Small
  • Testable

Isn’t that super simple to remember!

   8. No-questions-asked money back guarantee

You get life-time access to this product. However, if you are not happy with the product for any reason you have 90-day money back guarantee, making this a totally risk-free investment.

   9. Cornelius’s Bonuses

Cornelius throws in a bunch of bonuses as well!

  • Bonus 1: Certificate for 37 Contact Hours / PDUs
  • Bonus 2: PMI-ACP Exam Sample Questions
  • Bonus 3: 10 Key Concepts of Agile Development Email Course
  • Bonus 4: Access to our Exam Discussion Forums

Apart from these, I will send you my book on Mind map called ‘How to Create Effective Mind Maps’.

PMP Formula guideThis is a how-to practical guide to learn this powerful learning tool – Mind maps.

  • Mind mapping is an effective means of taking notes and brainstorm complex topics.
  • A mind map involves writing down a central theme or topic and thinking of new and related ideas which branch out from the center.
  • By focusing on key ideas written down using your own words and looking for connections between them, you can map new information in a way that will help you better understand and retain information.
  • Mind mapping helps you to,
    • clear your thinking
    • brainstorm complex ideas efficiently
    • plan a presentation
    • remember things
    • plan personal goals

If you are PMP® certified, you would recall that mind maps are one of the tools and techniques used in some of PMBOK®’s processes. If you master the techniques of Mind maps you will not only be benefited in your exam, but also in your career as well as personal life!

agile prepcast review

Now you can grab this bonus –

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Step 2: Complete the purchase and forward your purchase receipt to the email id below and I will send you a downloadable copy of my mind maps book. Moreover, you are welcome to pick any book (that you wish) from my PM PrepCast bonuses and I will send you that as well. The email id to send your purchase receipt email is –my-mailid

Cornelius will send you his bonuses directly by email.

Areas for Improvement in Agile PrepCast

   1. Download Speed

I personally think that download speed could have been better but then there is an alternative available. You can either watch in iTunes or download and view in your favorite player. I preferred latter option so I don’t need to install iTunes, I could watch videos on ANY device, and also I can change playback speed to suit my needs.

If you prefer iTunes you can follow instructions emailed you soon after you buy Agile PrepCast. Alternately, this is what you can do –

a. install one of the light and free download software. ‘Free Download Manager’ (FDM) is a good one. This will enable you to continue partial download if your internet connection goes down during download. This can save you on wasted time and bandwidth.

b. Select a bunch of videos to download from Agile Prepcast dashboard web page and set up them up in FDM to download in the background. Or, you can select all the files for download in the late evening and let it download during night.

   2. Presentation pace

When it comes to delivery I personally prefer a bit of fast paced delivery, as it helps me understand overall picture faster. I found the presentation pace a bit on the slower side. If you too prefer a faster pace, not to worry, there is an solution available!

a. Install VLC Media Player if you don’t already have one.

b. Play your Agile PrepCast video in VLC payer, go to Playback > Speed menu option and select a speed that feels comfortable.

This will save you ton of time, especially when you have to go through them multiple times for revision.

agile prepcast vlc adjust speed

   3. More visual aids would have been great

Unlike PMP course content, Agile is a much lively content. It would be very useful to add some of the real-life videos of teams undertaking various Agile activities such as stand-up meetings and so on. Remove stock images altogether – they are overused everywhere on the net and are low on delivering message.

   4. Little more than needed

In a strict sense of ‘need’ for the exam, you would need just 21 hours of contact program in order to fulfill PMI’s eligibility criteria, and this course provides you over 37+ hours content. Definitely no need for complaining if you like to grasp as much information about Agile as you can. After all, this knowledge will help you further your career.

My Recommendation

In spite of these nice-to-have things Agile PrepCast is professionally delivered high-quality and low-cost product. This should be one of the main study resources for anyone preparing for PMI-ACP exam. I highly recommend that you invest in this product and save yourself from worry, loss of time and momentum chasing other resources out there.

After all, time is more important than money (you can’t get time from money, but other way around is possible, right? 🙂 ) and earlier you get certified better would it be for your career prospects.

“Wait, I’ve heard about PM PrepCast. Who’s it for?”

Good question, if you asked this. PM PrepCast is the most popular (and inexpensive!) audio-visual study course for PMP aspirants. You can read my review of this product as well some of my bonus books here.

Just in case you are interested in any of the bonus book there, please do let me know its name along with your purchase receipt of Agile PrepCast, and I will send it to you for free along with the mind map book! 🙂

Tip: If are PMP Certified you will need to earn PDUs to keep PMI’s PMP certification active. One of the best ways, especially because more organizations are adopting Agile project management practices, is to certify yourself with PMI-ACP and use the 37 PDUs towards PMP’s certification continuation program! This is a double benefit strategy used by many PMP certified Project Management practitioners.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will I receive 21 contact hours for watching The Agile PrepCast?

A: Yes. Just follow through all the video content, easily understand the concepts and at the end of the course attempt a simple exam. There is no limit on how many times you can attempt this exam. Get 17 questions correct out of 25 questions and you will get the certification necessary to fulfill PMI’s eligibility criteria.

2. I am not aware of all that is required to know about PMI-ACP such as course content, application process, audit process, re-certification process and so on. Where can I learn about these?

A: Cornelius explains about all these and more in Agile PrepCast course.

3. Can I access The Agile PrepCast from more than one PC or from more than one location?

A: When you buy Agile PrepCast you will get a single-user license. So, as long as YOU are accessing it you can use it from any PC, laptop, phone or handheld device.

4. Are the Presentation Slides for The Agile PrepCast available for revision?

A: Unfortunately No. But as explained earlier you can use VLC player to increase speed of the videos and run through them at even 2X speed or faster. This helps in quick revision.

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I recommend only those products that I believe will help you achieve your goals. And I stand to help in any way I can in order to get you closer to your goals. This is evident in the fact that more than 125+ study notes, career advancing tips and techniques, and ebooks and other resources are made available at free of cost for you on this blog.

If you purchase this study resource PMESN gets a small commission from Cornelius, at absolutely NO additional cost to you. This helps us run the servers and keep churning out great study resources for the community, most of which are given away for free. I thank you for your support.


PS: If you are still unsure about investing in Agile PrepCast, click here for a free trial of this highly sought after study course for PMI-ACP!

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