PMP Lessons Learned – Learn From Other’s Mistakes, and Copy Their Strategies!

Premila passed PMP with 3 Above Target score!

PMP Exam Prep: A Healthcare Professional’s Unique Approach! – By Premila Balasubramaniyan, PMP

It is not every day that you come across someone from a non-traditional project management background to have passed the ...

“Why do smart people fail PMP?”, and more, in PMP Lessons Learned with Nick Korwin, PMP

This is a little bit different kind of PMP Exam Lessons Learned interview. I spoke to Nick Korwin last week ...
PMP helped me get promoted says Ankita

PMP Helped Me Get Promoted Quickly – by Ankita Ghag, PMP

Ankita Ghag works in the IT sector as a Data Analyst. After passing her PMP exam, she got promoted to ...
PMP experience by Markus

PMP Prep: With Basics Strong, Get Over Any Blockers – Markus Chizyuka, PMP

PMP certification takes a lot from you. Commitment. Focus. Tenacity. Markus Chizyuka battled and defied the odds to get his PMP. His ...

With A Good System, Process, & Mentor, PMP Exam Is Easy – Prakash U, PMP

Prakash is one of my most successful students, considering how he achieved the PMP Above Target score even with a ...

Community Help Crucial In My PMP Success – RenukaPrasad, PMP

RenukaPrasad works as a Project Manager in the IT industry. He's a cricket buff (and an awesome player) and likes ...
PMP Balachandiran

PMP Is Practicing (PMI)Mindset Perfectly! – Balachandhiran Sankaran, PMP

Balachandhiran Sankaran considers himself to be an 'eternal novice' and avid learner of the 'Art of the possible'. I personally ...

PMP After Ph.D., Helps My Work At The University – Felcy Gabriel, Ph.D., PMP

Felcy Gabriel is an Application Design & Support Process Manager at the State University System of Florida - Board of ...
PMP Above Target, Ryan Bird

PMP Without PMBOK: Simple Strategy I Used To Certify In Just 4 Weeks – Ryan Bird, PMP

PMP Without PMBOK: Simple Strategy I Used To Certify In Just 4 Weeks - Ryan Bird, PMP "The first time ...
Kanban approach by Vandana

Use Kanban Approach To Super Simplify Your PMP Exam Study – Vandana R, PMP

"I cannot tell you how easy my PMP studies became because of the Kanban approach.", said Vandana when I asked ...

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