CAPM Exam Changes in 2019-2020 by PMI®: What You Must Know!

capm exam changes 2019Did you know that in 2019 along with PMP® exam, PMI made couple of changes to Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM®) exam as well? The CAPM exam changes are simpler, but the nature of changes are such that they are likely to impact more people than that of PMP exam!

If you are just getting started, read Beginner’s Guide to CAPM Exam.

There is good news for CAPM aspirant as well as current CAPM certification holder!

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Make sure you understand these changes carefully. In the end I shall share a free CAPM exam simulator!

What is covered in this article –

Let us check out each of these CAPM exam changes and the reasons for them.

Are you preparing for CAPM exam?

No need of working experience now!

From 28 August 2019, there is no need for new CAPM applicants to fulfill the eligibility criteria the 1,500-hour work experience requirement.

During the research, PMI discovered that most of the prospective CAPMs do not have enough working experience. So they simply removed this eligibility criteria.

Now anyone can take CAPM exam – even straight after graduation!

However, they do need to fulfill the other eligibility criteria – they need to have 23-hours of project management contact education and a secondary degree (high school diploma, associate’s degree or the global equivalent).

New question types on CAPM Exam

The format of questions for PMP and CAPM pretty much remained same all this while. It is going to change now!

From September 2019, the CAPM exams will have 2 new types of questions (in addition to current formats) –

1. Matching questions

This is something similar to how school exams have.

There would be two sets of questions in a list format, and the options on the left should be matched with the options on the right.

Here’s a simple, imaginary example –

Match the following options –

a. Risk Management Plan a. Component of Project Management Plan
b. Change management plan b. Project document
c. Risk register c. Subsidiary management plan

Answer –

a. Risk Management Plan c. Subsidiary management plan
b. Change management plan a. Component of Project Management Plan
c. Risk register b. Project document

Another example could be to match process names to their respective knowledge areas or process groups.

These two types of questions will begin to appear in exams from September 2019.

2. Multiple choice questions with multiple correct answers

Yes, a question may have multiple correct answers and the test-taker is asked to identify them all.

The instructions will indicate exactly how many correct answers to choose from given options. There is no guesswork here for the test-taker.

Here’s an example.

Identify 2 options that are true about Enterprise Environmental Factors, as applicable to a project.

  1. EEFs can be internal to the organization as well
  2. Some of the EEFs can be controlled by the project team
  3. Infrastructure can be an example of Internal EEF
  4. Government standards are not considered as EEF as they are out of project manager’s sphere of influence

Answer –

Option a and c are correct, while option b and d are incorrect.

Are you already CAPM certified?

If you are already CAPM certified, the logical next step would be to take up the PMP exam.

One of the eligibility criteria for PMP exam is to have 35 contact hours of project management education.

For current CAPMs, they have already acquired the required number of (23 hrs) contact education requirement for their CAPM exam. And for PMP exam they need another 35hrs of contact education.

Thus the contact hours education requirement is a redundant exercise.

PMI recognized this fact and starting August 28, 2019 –

PMI has waived off the 35 hr contact education for PMP exam if you already are CAPM certified!

PMI is updating syllabus for PMP exam from 1st July 2020. Will this be applicable for CAPM exams too?

This has been a common question since PMI did not mention explicitly in it’s announcement.

However PMI support staff confirmed via chat that the new content will be applicable for CAPM exams as well.

So the answer is – Yes!

Let’s get you started!

Here are 2 resources to get you up and running with your CAPM preparation.

Sign up for the most trusted CAPM exam prep study course.

Learn from successful CAPMs!

We don’t need to make all mistakes ourselves. A smart approach would be to talk to successful CAPMs and understand what worked for them and what didn’t.

Here are few ‘CAPM Lessons Learned’ articles where you can leverage the experience of others –


PMI’s decision to bringing CAPM exam changes would basically simplify the career progression for CAPMs and CAPM hopefuls.

It makes the process not just simpler for them, it reduces the financial burden as well for many since now there is no need for another 35hrs of contact education needed for PMP.

Now the changes in the format of questions would mean change in the preparation approach for prospective CAPMs.

What stage of preparation are you right now? Write to me at shiv(at)pmexamsmartnotes(dot)com the biggest blocker you are facing, and I’ll help you get past it with ease.

Good luck!

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Shiv Shenoy, PMP


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