PMP and CAPM Exam Study Resources To Ace Your Exam [Download Free Resources]

pmp exam capm free study resources downloadMany of us make the mistake of thinking that PMBOK is the only PMP® study material required for the PMP® exam.

If it were only that simple. Unfortunately, this is not the case.

PMI has published its ‘syllabus’ for the PMP® exam in an ebook titled “PMP Examination Content Outline” in a pdf form on As you go through it, you would realize that it is a bit generic. That is why you need to refer to few books that cover areas that are not covered in PMBOK.

The study notes on this blog as well as supporting eBooks written, published, and given on this site cover this holistic view of what is required to be studied for passing the PMP® exam.

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In addition to PMBOK, a few more (depending on your work experience, the amount of preparation already completed, date of exam, and your level of comfort) from the list below should help you prepare well for the exam.

Please note that many of these are complementary, and not alternatives – for instance, along with the PM Prepcast video study series you will need Exam Simulator to identify study gaps and familiarize yourself with the real exam.

More importantly, you’ll need this to plan how you want to spend 4hrs of the exam to optimally answer as many questions as you possibly can (search for “proven strategy” on this page for a unique technique).

Disclaimer: Some of the links on this page are affiliate links. This means that when you use these links to make an investment in your PMP study resources, I get paid a small commission WITHOUT an increase in the product cost for you. This helps me maintain and grow this site, and offer the free resources and services I provide to PMP aspirants. I thank you for your support.

Here’s the list of PMP® study material you may find useful.

High-quality realistic PMP® exam Simulator (created as per PMI’s guidelines), grab while the low-price window is open!

PMP simulator for the new PMP exam 2021 @Udemy (discount price)

The FREE Course: PMP® Launchpad

This 10-day course takes the top-down approach and gives you one video lesson and one exam success principle every day.

PMP Launchpad Course

10 days. 10 modules. 10X confidence boost. Give your PMP exam prep a boost to land your goal. Priced at $27, you get this course for FREE for a limited time. *** Get free priority support till you pass the exam! ***

Sign-up PMP Launchpad course, for FREE today!

The Complete PMP® Formula Guide

The complete PMP formula guide - grab 15-20 questions on the exam.

Free PM PrepCast

Try for Free!

A FREE Exam Simulator!

You can also get FREE 7-day access to Cornelius’ PMP Simulator 2.0 by clicking here!

osp free PMP simulator


PMESN PMP Exam Brain-dump

Click here to learn how to create your own brain dump (useful technique if you are taking Computer Based Test, or CBT) and to access my PMP brain dump for free.

Free PMBOK Process Game (aka the famous Rita’s game)

PMP process game

Legally steal the study techniques used by successful PMPs!

Yes, we have a collection of PMP lessons learned by successful PMPs around the world. Each one has a story to tell and has invested tons of time and resources to pass their PMP exam.

And then they have shared their best-kept secrets in a detailed article.

Now you can access them for free and copy study strategies, techniques, tips, and insights they have gained through their own exam experience.

Click here to access them for free!

PMPrepCast and PMP Exam Simulator

Click here to read a comprehensive review of these two useful products that help you pass your PMP exam on the first attempt. Also, find if you are eligible to get a discount and the popular PMP prep books as a special bonus.

PM Exam ‘Last Mile’ Prep Course (what is that?!)

Ever wonder why some people that feel they have mastered the PMP syllabus end up not being able to pass their exam?

During the first 2 years that I coached PMP students, this phenomenon bothered me a lot. After talking to scores of PMP students I figured out the reason.

These people were not able to access critical information when required on the exam. They also did not understand how to apply what they learned to the questions (especially scenario-based ones that PMI introduced recently) and answer them.

Based on this, we began creating brain-friendly ‘Last Mile’ PMP study resources.

This turned out to be a facilitator of HUGE successes with my students.

Scroll down this page and take a look at the Curriculum section to see what it covers –

Click here to know more about (and a 20% special discount this week) PMP Last Mile Prep course.

Update >> In Feb 2020, I have added a special bonus worth $497 for free: A student of Last Mile course gets a one-on-one with me EVERY WEEK till they pass their exam. This bonus is provided to help people pass their PMP exam before the new exam kicks in soon.

Kindle Book Series ‘Ace Your PMP® Exam’ in a Single-book Format (#ad)

The entire series has 11 books covering PMP exam concepts segregated on the lines of Knowledge Areas, this helps you answer situational questions on the exam with ease.

Update: Now also get the ‘PMP Exam Cheat Sheet: Your 15 Minute Revision Guide‘ with this series for free!

pmp cheatsheet[su_button url=”” target=”blank” style=”3d” background=”#fc842e” color=”#000000″ size=”8″ wide=”yes” center=”yes” icon=”icon: arrow-right” icon_color=”#000000″ text_shadow=”1px 0px 0px #645757″ title=”Get entire series in one limited time low-priced book, today.”]Click for more details about this low-priced PMP series book..[/su_button]

Note: You don’t need to have a Kindle device to read this. You can read via browser ( or using  FREE Kindle reader app for Mac, PC, or any smartphone.

The Last Mile prep course mentioned above already covers these resources, so if you have access to that course then you already have these books.

PMP StudyCoach™ Guidebooks from Cornelius

The PM StudyCoach™ Guidebooks will step you through a week-by-week PMP study plan. Make progress towards your certification goal by following this simple plan for your PMP exam prep studies.

It’s your GPS to the PMP Exam!

>> Click here to get them.

FREE Exam Practice Questions

More of Free PMP self-tests from Oliver Lehmann – Downloads of questions, Smartphone apps, Seminar handout, Discussion group access and more..

URL Comments
Nice collection Click here to see free mock tests from various providers collated by Oliver
Free PMP questions There are about 206 questions.
Sample PMP questions 200 free questions. Over 1500 available for purchase.
Headfirst lab PDF containing 200 free questions.
Free Online exam simulator Online exam simulator. You can take 10, 50 or full 200 questions. Even specify your own number. Grade the exam and see explanations for incorrect answers.
Some more free PMP questions This needs registration
Simplilearn Free 200 PMP questions from Simplilearn
techfaq360 Free PMP test from TechFaq
PMStudy Free PMP test from PM Study Free PMP test questions from Exam Central 3 Free PMP tests from MockExams4U
Oliver Lehmann’s 100 questions [Updated on 2 July, 2021 for the new exam] 100 Free questions – this is difficult and quite useful (now updated for PMBOK-6). You will also find links to many other mock tests on this page.
[Updated!] Oliver’s 200 questions Download the pdf file directly from the link.
Free simulator by Cornelius Fichtner You’ll 7 days free access to a set of questions from the same source as that of the paid simulator.
Another list List of 10 sites to get free PMP sample questions.
Free PMP prep material from Free videos, full-length simulated exams, 3-day access to online demo courses, podcasts, and so on.
Edwel’s question set 1 100 PMP questions
Edwel’s question set 2 200 PMP questions (registration required) 200 Questions You get a free trial
iZenBridge free PMP mock exam Take 100 questions test as well as EVM test (15 Q)
PMP sample questions Questions as videos on YouTube
PM Study 200 PMP mock questions (higher difficulty level)
PM Zest 100 sample PMP questions
PreparePM Good quality questions
Tutorials Point 200 mock test questions
Wizlabs 50+questions
3000+ Questions! Click here to see 3000+ questions from various providers collated by Oliver

PM Challenge by

Answer questions –> Earn badges –> Auto-add skills to your profile

pmchallenge by projectmanagement.comImage courtesy:

Free Courses in Udemy (click here)

Apps on Smartphones

PMBOK Guide – 6th Edition

PMBOK 6th edition is undoubtedly one of the best PMP resources.

If you don’t already have this, get this now. 6th edition of PMBOK has Agile Practice Guide as well.

Buy PMBOK Guide!

Know that when you become a PMI member you will get PMBOK for free.

Head First PMP

Head First PMP at discount
This is one of the several PMP resources that I picked up to begin my study. When I picked up this book although it seemed a bit weird slowly I started liking the way information was presented. It is easy to grasp, remember and recall. One of the better PMP books to own.

Click here to buy HeadFirst PMP. (#ad)

PMP Exam Prep: Rita’s Course in a Book for Passing the PMP Exam

Rita’s book is probably most famous because it has been one of the first complete books to be published as an unofficial reference book for PMP and also is around for more than a decade. Thousands of people have used this book for PMP preparation over years.

Click here to buy Rita’s book at a Discount. (#ad)

These are some of the PMP resources that I have found useful (apart from Wikipedia and several project management authority sites that I have referred to create study lessons on this blog). I hope you will derive not only education value from these, but also enjoy the discounted prices you are offered through these affiliate links.
Please read the affiliate policy here.

And then a few more PMP study material –

Here are some more you might find useful –

Top PMP Myths that are blocking people from getting their PMP. Make sure you don’t fall in these traps!
Basic statistics you should know for PMP Exam


This is not a complete list of PMP study material, but should sufficient enough to make an informed decision for your PMP study plan.

If you find even one of these resources useful in your own study, please consider sharing this page in your network using social share buttons. If that action helps even one PMP aspirant it would be worth it. I thank you for your kind action.

I wish you all the success in your prep journey. Even if it feels difficult at times, never let your PMP goal go out of sight.

Go ace that exam!

If you need any help, please feel free to Skype me (shivshanker.shenoy)

pmesn, pmp lessons learned

-Shiv Shenoy, PMP

Connect with me on LinkedIn and ask me anything.

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