CAPM Prep: Focusing on Concepts Helped Answer 30-35 ITTO Questions – Srikant Deverajan, CAPM

capm lessons learned srikantShiv! Thanks a lot to for creating such a wonderful blog which shares loads of information on PMP & CAPM preparation.

I am happy to inform you that I passed CAPM on my first attempt. I would like to mention that though I was preparing for CAPM, I had referred more of PMP notes and mock tests which made me sail through easily.

My CAPM Study resources

1. HEADFIRST PMP – I had first gone through this book which had a very interactive way of explaining each processes and ITTO. I used to go through each chapters take notes on it and made it sure to practice chapter test after each chapter. This book was very good to start up with. This book helped me gain confidence inspired me to apply for CAPM on 28 January.

capm srikanth deverajan2. PMBOK GUIDE – I completely referred to PMBOK GUIDE Edition 5 for preparation of my exam. I kept a target of completing one chapter every 2 days. This took me one and a half months to complete with my work posing a major constraint.

I took notes on ITTO and made data flow diagrams which were useful for review before the day of exam. One key point – ITTO are very important to be understood. Try not to memorize them, understand the flow on how one particular input of a process becomes an output using specific tools & techniques.

I got about 30-35 direct questions on ITTO in my CAPM exam.

3. PMP ITTO Android app – This app helped a lot in knowing the ITTO of each processes along with the description of each Process Group, Knowledge Areas, Process & ITTOs.

4. PMP BLUEPRINT – The PMP blueprint was an immense help to me at the end, to revise the entire book in a short span of time. With important points highlighted the 11 ebooks helped me remember the key terms & concepts which was very useful during my exam.

5. BRAIN DUMPPrepared a brain dump of all the formulas and key terms which proved useful to refer it while giving the exam.

6. MOCK TEST AND PRACTICE QUESTIONS – Last but not the least. Solved hundreds of questions till I got a grasp on the strengths and weakness of the area of studies.

I concentrated more on my weak areas till I excelled it. As already stated I had practiced only PMP questions and also attended 2 Full Length PMP and CAPM mock tests and I scored 84% on an average.

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My CAPM Study Plan

1. As Shiv had suggested, I scheduled exam as soon as possible to help forge a commitment towards achieving it.

2. Keep reviewed my weak areas till I excelled it.

3. Made a practice of studying at least 2 hours a day. I’d suggest don’t take too hard on yourself if a day or two is missed.

4. To all the CAPMers who are interested in the future to go for PMP, I’d suggest to practice more of PMP questions. This would aid you to hit two points with single arrow – a. Clearing CAPM & b. Get tuned to take on PMP at a future stage.

5. I had made a mistake in scheduling of my CAPM exam. Since I was busy with my professional work, I could only schedule my exam on April 4, which made me lose concentration towards the end because 4 months of preparation for CAPM was too long from my perspective.

On the new changes, I didn’t find much difference in the question pattern. The changes didn’t bring much of an impact on my examination.

Wishing good luck and a great success to all CAPM Aspirants.

Thank you again Shiv, for creating such a blog that inspires and shares tremendous knowledge with all PMP and CAPM aspirants.

Hoping for the same kind of support in near future while preparing for PMP.

With Regards

Srikant Deverajan, CAPM

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