Amazing April at PMESN – Contest Winners and New PMPs!

pmesnYet another month rolls over and more PMESN community members get their PMP certificate! Join me in congratulating –

Lalit Sharma, got his PMP certificate on 13-March-2014 and
Cristian Rimoldi, passed his PMP on 24-March-2014
(did I miss anyone? 🙂 )

There are two good news this month.

First, we have 5 winners for 3 positions in our PMP-Question-Of-The-Day contest. First and second place tied. Who would’ve thunk? 🙂

Here are the winners

First place tied between – Manikya Rao Eppa and Onuoha Uma
Second place tied between – Lalit Sharma and Munir Hossain Auntu
Third place goes to – Sharat Kanti

Congratulations to all the winners.
Scroll below to see the entire list of participants who scored points.

Winners, please mail me so I get your mail Ids to send certificates (shiv-at-pmexamsmartnotes-dot-com).

What’s the second good news?

We have a prize this time.

You probably would have seen my review of Cornelius Fichtner’s PM Prepcast and PM Exam Simulator. These are two products I used that immensely helped my results. I was so much impressed that I decided to tie up with Cornelius and suggest the products to people who need simpler way to make quick progress in short period of time to get PMP certificate (which is the goal of this blog, in the first place).

I decided to offer these ebooks as a thank-you bonus to people who are supporting PMESN blog by investing in these products via PMESN’s affiliate link.

effective-mindmaps-ebook formula-guide-book1 PMP question types 250q-book-trns










Click here to see review and bonuses.

Currently I am offering two books for people who purchased either PM Prepcast or Exam Simulator.

The winners will get ALL the bonuses irrespective of which product they invest in. And if they do so, they will get another special bonus, which I am not allowed to announce on this public platform (suffice to say it will help you in your PMP preparation) 🙂

Please note that this offer is valid till end of 10th May 2014.

Winners can pass on this offer to anyone else by writing to me who they’d like to help.

New readers on the blog, and some stats

Articles posted

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Thank You

Thank you my friend, for being such a great supporter of PMESN. With your support we are able to reach more and more people and help them prepare well for PMP.

Here’re the names of people who scored points –


Image courtesy: lumaxart

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