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project management topic guest posting on pmexamsmartnotesSimply share your project management knowledge and claim 2-3 PDUs to continue your PMP (or any other PMI’s) certification!

The writer in you needs a platform.

And a validation may be, to become a professional blogger/author down the line.

Own a successful blog.

Or write and self-publish a book.

Or perhaps you just want to share your knowledge. Help fellow project managers.

Maybe even build some branding in your organization, niche, industry.

Here’s a golden opportunity to take the first step towards this.

Whether you are a blogger or not, if you have awesome value to share with fellow project managers, I will help you achieve that.

I am inviting you to write about your FAVORITE Project Management topic on PMExamSmartNotes blog.

This is an opportunity to get featured on PMESN blog, and reach to global audience of over 40,000 people in project management domain (and expand your professional network too!).

And get coached by professional blogger.

Also, earn PDUs towards your PMI CCRS certification continuation program!

I have put together a free training for you, where I share how to become a professional blogger and write a killer blog post under 2 hours!

Note: If you strongly feel about a particular PM topic to write about then feel free to skip the first step!

Watch this video to know more (and to know how to get my free blogging course) –

How does this work?

1. Choose any project management topic you are passionate about to write. Choose from one of three categories of a blog post – News (new practice, trends etc), How-Tos, Concept explanation with examples.

2. Email me the following: topic name, a brief of what you are going to cover in the article, and the outline of the article : Title, Introduction, Sub-headings, Summary/Conclusion.

Send it to Shiv[at]PMExamSmartNotes[dot]com

3. We’ll do a couple of back and forth if needed. You can then write the post and send the article using same outline. You may have to write couple of times to produce something that you will approve yourself.

The total word count would be about 500+ words. If required create necessary explanation images/illustration in a Word document and take a screenshot.

4. I will help massage your writing, if required, for web-publishing. We use Flesch Reading Ease scale to refine content for better readability. I will also create the hero image needed for the post.

5. I will include a short author section featuring you along with the article. Hence along with the post send me a brief about yourself, your LinkedIn profile link (optional), and a photo if you want me to use a different one that from your LI profile.

Somewhere during this exercise, I shall give you 100% free lifetime access to one of my blogging courses!

6. Then your blog post gets into the publishing pipeline and I shall send you the link once your article is published. It also gets shared with over 40K readers in the project management fraternity across the globe on social profiles and using direct communication mechanisms.

7. Then you can refer to the blog post link and claim 2-3 PDUs on PMI’s Continuing Certification Requirements System (CCRS program). It goes into ‘creating content’ section of ‘Giving Back’ PDU category.

Ref – Here’s the CCRS help page and here is CCRS handbook (check for the latest version of them on PMI.org).

Earn PDU while doing something you enjoy!

Really? Any project management topic?

Yes! It could be about managing budget, people, schedule, scope, vendors, procurement, contract, anything under the sun.

It could be some best practice you follow, a new trend, your experimentation (doesn’t matter if the results are ‘lessons learned’), your first experience with implementing a PM concept, or something you are passionate about or expert at.

Few thumb rules to make people love your article!

1. Awesomeness: Make sure the content is valuable to project managers. Make it immensely informative and actionable.

2. Authenticity: The content has to be your own, original, and unique. Give your post your own voice. Include your own perspective, opinions, and insights. Write in your own words.

Please do not copy from anywhere (sorry, I had to make this explicit). We publish only unique articles on the blog and publishing copied content attracts Google God’s wrath!

3. Simplicity: Use simple words, short sentences, and short paragraphs. If you must use jargon, explain what they mean. Else avoid any jargon.

Here’s an article that explains the basics of creating a blog post.

4. No multi-publish: If your post is selected and published on this blog, you agree to not publish the article on any other platform (social or blog) or in electronic media. You may however, if you must, rewrite the content to convey similar meaning and publish under a different title.

5. No-Promotion: Please don’t write promotional content. For instance, don’t write a user guide of a product your company sells.

6. Self-credit: The article will give credit to you, so anyone that reads it will know that you are the author of the article. You are encouraged to refer to your article published on this blog and link in your online profiles (LinkedIn, social media profiles etc) and offline profiles (resume, presentation etc) so more people will discover your post. This would go a long way towards fulfilling your writing objective.

Who can write?

Anyone with a passion for any project management topic.

If you are not a blogger, no worries.

Here’s a chance to write a professional blog post that reaches over 40K project managers across the globe.

If your content idea is approved, I will help you write it like a professional blogger would.

What’s more, if your post is selected to be published on PMExamSmartNotes.com you will get one of my blogging courses for free!

If you missed above video, watch it now –

So, wear your thinking hat, get yourself a hot cup of coffee and let’s get started!

I’ll look forward to know your blog post topic, and to work with you.

Have a great day!
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