Waleed Moneer Saleh (PMP under 3mths): Use Simulators to Identify Gaps In Your Study

My PMP Lessons Learned
waleed pmp lessons learnedI want to share my experience for passing the PMP exam in 3 months of studying.

First I started with reading PMBOK version 5 and Rita’s book and used Rita exam simulator, which really related more to the exam preparation book more than the PMI book.

So I changed my strategy to the Cornelius’s PMP Exam simulator which really more realistic than any simulator I used.

I will not forget of course the sample question which was sent to me free by Shiv which is close to the real ones in the exam.

I want to add a point – do not to expect to see questions from any sample questions or any exam simulator at the real test. The benefits from sample questions and simulators is to stress on the important areas and let you feel the test environment.

Also, do not spend too much time memorizing ITTOs use your common sense for knowing them.

I wish everyone the best of luck for your exam!

– Waleed Moneer Saleh, PMP

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