New PMP Exam Tips: Ultimate Guide to PMP Exam Changes in 2016

new pmp exam tips guideUpdate Sept-2015: While there is no updates to PMBOK at all for new PMP exam changes, Cornelius has confirmed that there will be a FREE upgrade to PM PrepCast incorporating all the information required to be studied for the new exam!

Update Aug-2015: PMI has postponed the date of new exam from 2 November 2015 to 12 January 2016.

This means that there is still time to get your PMP under current scheme of things! So, Stay calm and get that PMP! 🙂

You saw why PMI had to change PMP syllabus mid-2015, and what are those exact changes in the previous two parts of this guide.

You probably have lot of questions right now. In this part we shall look at some of new PMP exam tips.
If your question is still unanswered please drop them in the comments section below and I will try to find the answers for you.

Hopefully you are planning to take the test before the new test rolls in on 12 January, 2016. If it is not possible, do not worry – if you have PM PrepCast you will get a free upgrade to study for the new exam format.

New PMP Exam Tips

Q: Are there any changes to application process and actual test procedure?

Absolutely not. PMI has categorically stated that they will remain the same. So just focus on the content changes, and of course thsimona fallavollita pmp pm at pmie date it will come into effect from.

Click to listen to the interview with Simona Fallavollita – the Product Manager for PMP Exam at – about the new exam and what to expect. This is as authentic as it can get!

Q: How about eligibility criteria?

No changes there as well. All eligibility criteria remains the same. Only the content changes as outlined in Examination Content Outline document published by PMI (look for June 2015 at the bottom of second page).

Q: How about exam format and report?

Exam format will remain the same in that you will still have 5 domains you will be tested under – Initiating, Planning, Executing, Monitoring & Controlling, and Closing.
Report will also remain the same – and you will get immediately after the exam (assuming you’re taking Computer Based Test – CBT).

Earlier there used to be a ‘pilot period’ where PMI will let you take the new exam but withhold the result for few weeks till it gathers effects of the changes on the whole examination process. During this period PMI would offer a rebate on the exam.

Please note that rebate or pilot period is NOT applicable to the syllabus changes this time in 2015. You will get the exam results immediately after the CBT. If you are taking Paper Based Test (PBT) the waiting period as it is today will be applicable.

Q: Can you summarize the changes brought about in this syllabus?

Per PMI, these are –

  • Inclusion of benefits analysis and realization
  • Looking at risk management in terms of opportunity
  • Placing more emphasis on stakeholder management plans and communications
  • Additional focus on lessons learned

Q: I want to invest in PM PrepCast, will I get updates?

PMI has communicated the upcoming changes to REP (Registered Education Provider) throughout the world. The producers of PM PrepCast – OSP International – being one of the REPs have already taken this into account. When there is a change to the content it will be provided to people who are rolling over to the new format.

PMI states that about 25% content change is based on new topics from the 8 new tasks, which were previously not tested. PM PrepCast is updated to cover these areas. Note that in addition there are other changes to overall exam questions, all of which will be updated that are not tied to these 8 new tasks.

If you have purchased PM PrepCast that is based on PMBOK-5 and you have not yet passed PMP exam, then you will get FREE upgrade to PM PrepCast. If you have a valid subscription to PMP Exam Simulator you will get NEW test based questions automatically!

If you have any questions unanswered please leave them in the Comments below. I shall try to find answers for you.

Dates to remember:

New PMP syllabus comes into effect in PMP tests conducted on or after Jan 12, 2015

You can work backwards to see what time frame you give yourself to prepare for the exam, then when to apply at PMI, start preparation and plan accordingly.

And if you are still on the fence about PMP – this is the time to make a decision. Hopefully it will be the one that takes you further ahead in your career, by enhancing your project management knowledge and skills.

After all, research has shown that people with PMP certification earn on an average 12.5% more than non-PMP employees.
Thus it is quite obvious that the examination and study resources cost pays for itself in no time.

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Download this entire guide in PDF format by sharing this page! Please use the button below.

Hope you find these new PMP exam tips useful. Feel free to schedule a free Skype session with me to plan for your exam.

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