Top 5 PMP Study Tips from Recent PMP Exam Takers

Top 5 PMP Study Tips

We share the PMP study tips and success stories of PMP exam takers here at frequently. PMP study tips of recent PMP exam takers is very helpful for PMP aspirants. Because, feedback of recent PMP exam takers and lessons learned during PMP study will help other PMP exam candidates find success in their PMP Journey as well, by avoiding pitfalls and traps that are not easily seen.

This article is a contribution by the good folks at Master of Project Academy.

master of project academyMaster of Project Academy shares feedback and PMP study tips of recent PMP exam takers on their blog as well. We wanted to gather the Top 5 PMP Study Tips from recent PMP test takers in this post.

-Shiv Shenoy

Here’s a consolidated article bringing you chosen prep advice from PMP students that have passed their PMP exam recently.

PMP Study Tip #1

First, and the most important PMP study tip of recent PMP exam takers is, prepare a PMP study plan. Each PMP candidate has a different schedule, different availability and different dedication to prepare for the PMP exam. Therefore, before starting to prepare for PMP exam, make sure that you set a target date to pass PMP exam and make your plans for this date.

prepare pmp study plan

There is not a certain time to prepare for the PMP. However, recommended time for a working professional to prepare for the PMP exam is 4 months. And in total, a typical PMP study takes 70-85 hours.

Ami Modi, PMP, in her post says that: “I followed a structured PMP certification exam study method that helped me with preparing for the exam.”

Therefore, after you set your target date to take the PMP exam, prepare a PMP study plan which will include which knowledge area to study when, how many hours you will study in each week and which days you will study for the PMP etc.

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PMP Study Tip #2

Second PMP study tip of recent PMP exam takers is, evaluate possible PMP classes and training, and determine which PMP certification training you will enroll.

There are different alternatives to take PMP training. You can look for the classroom PMP training in your city or area, you can enroll in a PMP live classroom online, or you can enroll in an online self-paced PMP certification training. Each alternative has its pros and cons.

evaluate possible pmp trainings

Spare 1 week to evaluate possible PMP certification training you can enroll, and determine the course you will enroll.

PMP Study Tip #3

Third PMP study tip of recent PMP exam takers is, take notes during your PMP study.

Andrew Di Piero, PMP, from Canada stated in his feedback post right after he passed the PMP exam that:

“Take notes! The PowerPoint slides are helpful, especially the diagrams/figures they provide, but during the video he makes comments which are not on the screen, and reviewing these comments while preparing for the exam helped me more than anything else I did.

take notes during PMP study

Taking notes is during PMP study is critical. Because, your own notes will ease you to remember topics and knowledge areas later. Notes you will take during your PMP study will help you when the PMP exam date is getting closer to go through your notes, and refresh your knowledge for the topics you have gone through 1-2 months before.

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PMP Study Tip #4

Fourth PMP study tip of recent PMP exam takers is, take practice exams as many as possible.

Maurizio Peraglio, PMP, from Italy mentioned in his letter after he passed the PMP exam that:

take practice exams or pmp mock tests“Do lots of practice exams, mark down for review answers you get wrong or right by guessing. that will help you to fill the gaps, I had some 130 topics marked for review one week before the exam.

Not only for the PMP exam, but also for any exam, taking as many practice exams as possible is a critical factor to clear the exam.

With practice questions, you will be able to assess yourself and see your weak knowledge areas.

This will ensure to improve your gaps and get ready for the PMP exam better.

PMP Study Tip #5

Fifth PMP study tip of recent PMP exam takers is, do not leave any new topic to last week before the exam date.

Go through every knowledge area and make as many practice questions as possible. Evaluate your knowledge with practice questions, and go through the knowledge areas that you make mistakes most once again.

At the last week of your PMP study plan, go through your notes, keep your mind fresh with PMP content and relax.

Note that, these are the Top 5 PMP study tips of recent PMP exam takers. There are lots of other tips to get ready for the PMP exam.

We wanted to gather the most important PMP study tips here. Hope you will find these useful.

Good luck for your PMP success!

Team MoPA

master of project academy

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