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pmp lessons learned SnehaSridhar corlenius fichtnerI would like to first of all thank the entire team of Cornelius Fichtner for bringing to us such wonderful PMP Exam Simulator.

I cleared my PMP exam (first attempt) today with 4 Proficient scores and 1 Moderately Proficient score in Initiating. One of my friends had highly recommended this exam simulator to me and I trusted her when I purchased it.

pmp Sneha sridhar I don’t really want to share the points that has been repeatedly written in forums. Here are few unique (or perhaps few contrasts to common beliefs) points based on my experience of journey. A word of caution – please use this at your own discretion :-).

The beginning

I started studying for PMP a year back as my company had nominated me to take up this exam. I had only weekends to study since I was promoted and my new position was very demanding. I felt that studying for a year long was actually beneficial because I went really slow to learn the concepts thoroughly.

I regularly stopped and researched the topics until I really understood every term. I don’t really prefer weekdays for studying as there are lot of interruptions. Weekends are more peaceful for me.

I scheduled my exam ONLY after I scored 80% in 6 mock tests of PMP test simulator. This helped me avoid the rescheduling fee (had I realized that I was not ready for the exam after taking the mocks). Also, I did not get the confidence even after scoring 85% + in my first two mocks.

Simulated PMP exam environment

I realized that I was taking these mocks in an ideal environment – at home.

I tried to simulate the scenarios that may be impediments in my real exam environment in mock exams 3, 4, 5. I took one exam when I was feeling very sleepy at night (in case I fell sick on exam day), one when I was hungry/thirsty (did not take a single break) and the last one admist all disturbances from my family (left the door open…exam center also has people coming in and going out).

I know it sounds funny, but I had to prepare for it. My scores dropped to 80%. This actually gave me confidence that any such scenarios were not going to bring down my performance drastically.

Just one read of PMBOK

I really enjoyed taking up more mocks to bridge my gaps than going through PMBOK the second time. Attempted nearly 3000+ mock questions. I was always hungry for more questions. Attempting marathon mocks boosted my confidence.

I had scored 70% + in full length mocks when I was half done with PMBOK… I was sure about scoring above 80% when I am fully done.

Focus KAs for me

I studied Integration, Scope and Time Management KAs with utmost attention as I observed most of the mocks had maximum questions from there. (I may be wrong) I am not saying other KAs are less important…. all are equally important to pass the exam!

The real deal

My PMP exam was really very tough for me. I kind of went blank the first half an hour as the first 25 questions were very tough. I realized that irrespective of any amount of preparation things may turn out quite different on the exam. But planning does help. So does keeping a cool head during the exam.

Not to forget… after attempting over 3000+ PMP mock test questions I’m glad to say that Cornelius Fichtner’s PMP exam simulator was one of the best ones I came across.

Go boldly towards your goals. I wish you all the best!

Sneha Sridhar, PMP

Note from Shiv:

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  • Rohit December 30, 2016, 11:23 am

    I am planning to subcribe for PM PrepCast Elite after reading these comments. Hope the course is worth and the exam simulator is close to real time exams. Appreciate any comments before I sign for the course.

    • Shiv Shenoy January 2, 2017, 12:11 am

      Hi Rohit,

      I used this course for my own PMP preparation and found it useful. Hence I highly recommend this. You can read my detailed review (and a technique to get more questions correctly on the exam) here –


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