Thank You, 2019, Welcome 2020!

Thank you, my friend!

2019 has been a great year.

Among other things, we built PM Exam Last Mile as a complete end-to-end PMP prep program, and several hundreds of students passed their PMP exam while enjoying the preparation journey.

I am absolutely grateful to be able to be part of PMP journey of so many people around the world.

Looking back at the beginning of this journey for me, years ago when I began creating PMExamSmartNotes blog, this is exactly what I wanted to be doing – helping people pass their PMP exam while thoroughly enjoying the journey. And being someone to be around them to help along the way.

Both of which I could not get during my prep and wanted to make it available to as many as I could.

And I have YOU to be thankful for.

Truth be told I have been great at making New Year resolutions, but not half good at keeping them. Over the years I have discovered that I’m more of a rolling-stone-of-smaller-goals kind of a guy.

And somewhere near the beginning of 2019, I made a small resolution – to connect more with my tribe.

And I have been able to do this every single day this year – on LinkedIn, emails, and chat.

Getting into 2020, my goal is same, but a bit more pronounced. I want to be able to connect and create a tell-tale impact on their PMP journey. And in the other areas that I help people with – such as blogging, self-publishing books, or helping people with their knowledge like I do with mine.

That is the reason earlier this month I sent an open invitation to be part of a free PMP coaching program.

From today though, every single student of my ‘Last Mile’ program will be part of this group.

I work with closely to help them pass their PMP exam with more assurance of someone being around to help plan, advise, course-correct, nudge at times, and even for some much needed talk when chips are down.

Thank you for being who you are, and being a part of PMESN community.

I wish you all the success in 2020. May all your aspirations and goals become crystal clear to you, may you find the path needed to reach them, and create the commitment within yourself to overcome any challenges and meet your goals.

And enjoy the journey while doing that.

Wish you a blissful 2020.

Ah, on the goal setting part – if I were to have a New Year resolution of passing the PMP exam, I would rather have it something like, “to study for 1 hour every single day”.

Many people keep HUGE resolutions or goals for the New Year and statistics have shown that by end of Feb most of them are forgotten. Instead, if the resolution is made on a small single act – the fundamental building block of that huge resolution – which can be done every day, then there are better chances of meeting that huge resolution.

Putting one step in front of the other, every day, would get us to the summit sooner than….. never.

So, what is Your New Year resolution? Tell me in the Comments section below.

Cheers and have a great year ahead,

Shiv Shenoy

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