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Update May 2016: We gave away all the books for free in the last week of April and first week of May. Please visit the following links to get these books today –

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If you have landed on this page, you may want to download each of my yet-to-be-released ‘PMP Concepts’ Kindle books.
These 11 Kindle books are planned to be released in the third and fourth week of April.

pmp concepts & 10 knowledge areas

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These books are prepared over several months, and contain distilled concepts in project management and for each PMP Knowledge Area in each book. The concepts are simplified and explained with the help of examples, illustrations and drawing from my own project management experiences of over 15 years.

These books have been revised twice based on feedback from PMP students that have used as part of their exam preparation. The other use these students have found of these books is for revision just before the exam!

With the new PMP exam from Jan-16 focusing more on concepts and situational questions involving concepts (even for ITTO questions), these books are proving to be very useful for PMP students.

Kindle books can be read on any browser, and the free Kindle app on PC/Mac/iPhone/iPad/Android phones.

This is a continued step to provide more value to PMP and CAPM students and I hope you personally will benefit enormously from these books!

Talk to you soon,
Shiv Shenoy

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