The Story of How PMExamSmartNotes Blog Was Started!

Over the years this blog has helped tens of thousands of project managers prepare for and pass their PMP or CAPM Exam.

Many of my students, readers, well-wishers, and online friends have asked me how I started PMExamSmartNotes blog.

My friends from previous life who knew I had zero knowledge about marketing, writing books, or blogging wanted to know how I did it.

And the story of the ‘moment of truth’ is quite interesting.

So I wrote a mini-book sharing what happened that night.

Not just that, in the book I am also revealing the top 3 secrets that got me where I am today. From an employee to entrepreneur.

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How PMExamSmartNotes was startedIt shows how an employee can become an entrepreneur with a mindset shift.

I started this blog as a type of a social venture. This blog still is the only one that supports PMP prep end-to-end for free – there are many people (like Nikhil) that have used just PMBOK and my notes on this free blog to pass their PMP exam.

This blog is the proof that when you give tremendous value, people will support your work by paying – even voluntarily (during initial days ‘buy coffee for Shiv’ was a successful campaign that helped me run the blog).

This blog is also a proof that anyone can use the knowledge they have and build massive value for people.

What you get in return is something that is unmatched – love from people, and the satisfaction of having made a difference in people’s lives.

Money of course becomes just a by-product (a good one at that, honestly).

And if I’m able to help people today, it is because of you.

Because you allowed me to help you through my blog posts, books, and courses.

So a HUGE thanks to you!

That’s why I have dedicated this book to you (you’ll see on page #3).

If you are interested to know how PMExamSmartNotes blog got started, and more importantly if you are interested to use your knowledge to set up a side hustle, download the book now for free.

When I say knowledge, it could be what you have learned over the years at your day job.

It could be a hobby you have been pursuing.

Or it could be something you are passionate about.

Painting. Playing guitar. Golf. Python programming. Book-keeping for small business. Rowing. Singing Opera.

Or, believe it or not, it could be something you are very interested in but not an expert at.

I teach ways to convert the knowledge into a valuable assets that help people tremendously and in the process they will want to pay you to get it.

Download your copy of the book here.

And if you think it helps a friend start knowledge-based side hustle, please share this post with them.

Cheers and all the best,

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