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Apart from your own efforts, what is the easiest way to learn a new thing?

Leveraging other people’s experience.

This is especially true in case of exam like PMP.

Whenever a newer version of an exam is introduced the passing percentage initially tend to drop.

Lot of variables come into play that cause this – new content, newer variations of questions, no idea about what to expect.

Sounds familiar?

As early adopters (to take the analogy from product life-cycle 🙂 ) take the exam and share their experience, other students will get a ‘sense of what to expect’.

I am hoping that PMESN community members will help other members that are preparing for their PMP exam in the new format by sharing their exam experience and the lessons learned.

To encourage this contribution back to the project management community, and as a token of gratitude thank I am giving away one of my blogging courses, for Free.

This is useful for those that want to start their own professional blog for one or more of these reasons –

  • Share your skills and knowledge and help people
  • Log your journey to a goal (play guitar, a new programming language, public speaking, whatever it is..)
  • Write about your profession and get an edge in the industry
  • Use it as a creative outlet

This is a $47 course and I’ll be giving it away for free.

While most people blog for the fun of it, over 97% of blogs fail to go beyond 6 months and get to see success.

True blogging is as much of art as it is science. This course teaches you the following –

  • a simple and unique technique to find the BEST possible blog topic (referred to as ‘niche’) to get into based on your interest area and ‘market-pull’. Research shows that this alone is responsible for about 60% of success of the blog.
  • how to find that golden niche by systematically exploring the narrower or broader niches, and maximize your success
  • how to choose a domain name (and also get one for free) to increase your blog’s brand
  • how to create a professional blog under an hour

A blog is also a fantastic scalable vehicle to earn some neat passive income on the sides as well, if that is something that interests you.

When you register, you’ll also get another of my courses for free.

Just a few do-s and don’t-s

First of all, let me thank you for taking time to share your PMP journey with the project management community.

Thank you!

Here are few points to keep in mind..

  • The write-up has to be about 600+ words (just to ensure there is enough value for the PMP aspirants)
  • Do not worry about grammar, formatting etc. I will convert it into web-readable format.
  • Share your approach to the exam, and the real exam experience – your study plan, resources, schedule, issues you faced, how you overcame them, prep in the week before the exam, the real exam day experience,  and so on.
  • No specific exam questions please – it is against ethical practice
  • Share what was your expectation from the exam and how it turned out to be

Need a template?

How about a simple structure to get your thoughts flowing. Use this to put together your experience under 30 minutes.

  • what triggered (event/experience) to take up PMP exam
  • what were your study resources
  • what was your study approach and study plan
  • what were the issues you faced during your PMP journey, and how did you overcome them?
  • what was your preparation steps in the one week before the exam
  • how was your real exam experience
  • do you have any specific study tips or techniques or something that you’d like to share with PMP students

Alternately, you can keep this free-flowing write up as well. Let your thoughts flow.

How to send

Once you are done, email the following to shiv(at)pmexamsmartnotes(dot)com

  • The write up
  • Your complete name as registered with PMI
  • Your Linked In profile link (I share these articles with over 30K project managers across the globe, so be ready to expand your professional network!)
  • Your photo (to go into Author section)
  • PMP exam result (either write down, or attach the screenshot of your result sheet)

Thank you for your time!


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  • Sayeenand ganjekar March 27, 2018, 11:33 pm

    Hi Shiv,
    I have already shared my experience with you.I am interested in professional blogger. Could you please share with me?