Sashidhar P – PMP in 3 months possible!

pmp-lessons-learned-sashidhar-pI have been preparing for PMP for 3 months. During this span of 3 months, there are many lessons learned which others might take to follow them and few lessons should learning’s from mistakes.

My things to do –

  1. pmp  sashidharHave a plan which is progressively elaborated.
  2. Do research on exam patterns and study guides.
  3. Register to PMI.
  4. Read code of ethics.
  5. One full reading of PMBOK.
  6. Analyze gaps, revise your plan created in step#1.
  7. Sign up for blogs/forums like PMSEN and take 2nd reading of PMBOK.
  8. Subscribe to Facebook and linked in groups and contribute in discussions.
  9. Attempt chapter wise questions and analyze gaps.
  10. Update your study plan based on analysis results.
  11. Take some book like Rita, HeadFirst PMP and give complete reading.
  12. By now you will have good knowledge.
  13. Now enroll into good REP for 35 hours.
  14. Remember code of ethics studied in step# 4.
  15. Submit your application and good if it’s not selected for audit.
  16. No issues even if selected as it is nothing to worry.
  17. Once your application is all reviewed you will get notification to schedule exam
  18. Have mock tests of 200 questions answered to check your gaps.
  19. Update your plan accordingly.
  20. Take exam and you will be certified 

All this should happen in a span of not more than 5-6 months. Check frequently on exam versions and corresponding final day for exam in that version.

Things to avoid –

1. Don’t memorize, better understand them. Use PMBOK flowcharts to understand flow.
2. Do not make any gaps in study plan. 
3. Do not have over confidence 
4. Do not underestimate yourself. 
Note:: all these are my opinions and hope it works good for you.
Sashidhar P, PMP

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