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PMP/CAPM study resourceWe would accomplish many more things if we did not think of them as impossible.

– Vince Lombardi

Well, to be honest, preparing for PMP exam has never been easy. But then I have discovered that like all tough things in life success comes to those who keep doing the right things to the best of their abilities.

If you are planning to give the exam for PMBOK 5th edition then hopefully you are not feeling overwhelmed by the differences between the two versions. In fact there could be three situations you could be in right now –

  1. Aiming for PMBOK 4th edition and scheduled for the PMP exam in this month!
  2. Aimed for PMBOK 4th edition but for any of various reasons you are going to appear for the exam after 31st of July, which means that now you need to prepare for the PMBOK 5th edition
  3. You have decided to take the updated syllabus, that is PMBOK 5th edition, and have dug straight into the new content

If you are in bucket#3 above, congratulations, you won’t be confused with names and terms of PMBOK4 versus PMBOK5.

I was in the bucket #1 when I started for preparing and then I decided to aim for PMBOK 5th edition.


For one, I want to be certified against the latest knowledge base that PMI will be advocating going forward. This will help me understand the nuances of the new format, although on the face of uncertainties of facing a new syllabus, so to speak. The fear of unknown. To be honest I was a bit unnerved at first. But then I decided to face it because doing this will help me help and guide others who are in the same dilemma of appearing for PMBOK 5th edition certification exam.

The other reason for anyone to go for PMBOK 5th edition exam would be the edge you get in the job market. Among scores of people who have already got PMP certification under their belt, people having passed the certificate exam on PMBOK 5th edition will stand to gain a distinct edge.

If you are in the first bucket above, and aiming for the PMBOK 4th edition exam then every minute is precious for you. And probably I should quickly point to the one resource that is helping me a ton right now.

I see total value in this product and consider this a good investment for exam preparations hence recommend on my blog. This product is called the PMPrepCast, and created by Cornelius Fichtner. I came to know about Fichtner and the PrepCast while discussing with my study group and after seeing the value I decided to buy this PrepCast. I have been finding this very useful and so highly recommend to all my friends. You can click here to learn about the PMPrepCast (disclosure: affiliate link). What’s more, this comes with risk-free money back guarantee for 90 days!

If you are as cautious a person as I am, you would like to first understand what is this product all about, by yourself. And you can do so by watching few real episodes from the PrepCast here.

35 Contact Hours

Project Integration Management Overview

Finding the best answers to exam questions

What did I (and can you) see in this PrepCast?

Here are some of the benefits I saw in the product –

  1. The PrepCast contains easy to understand and detailed episodes that you can study during study time as well as listen to while commuting, working out, waiting, or even driving (not using headphones of course šŸ™‚ ) on portable devices
  1. Helps to get the 35hr project management education – a mandatory requirement for appearing for PMPĀ®/CAPMĀ® exam
  1. Saves ton of exam preparation time because listening and watching the episodes will help understand the content quicker
  1. Totally risk-free – so if you didn’t like it you can return within 90 days and get total refund of money. That is a complete three month duration!

In terms of pure commerciality, #1 and #2 convinced me about the return on investment on this PrepCast towards the exam preparation.

Click here to get PM PrepCast.(affiliate link)

If you face any difficulty with this product please feel free to write to me and I will help you find answers.

Wish you all the success,

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