Praveen Pandit, PMP – Don’t delay taking your PMP exam, just do it!

pmp-lessons-learned-praveen-panditIts been 2 and half months I have been studying for an exam and today I succeeded in achieving the PMP certification!

While my 2 and half months study program I had maintained study process (time table) as listed below.

My PMP Study Resources

  1.  pmp praveen panditSimpliLearn Classroom Training and Online mock test
  2. Rita mulcahy 8th edition (read only one time, yes you read it correctly. I tried to understand the concept rather than memorizing the book)
  3. PMBOK 5th Edition (read only one time, I must say after reading Rita mulchay’s book you will find PMBOK very much easier to understand)
  4. Shiv Shenoy’s PMP study materials including Brain dump (this is very important to remember, as it will help you most in the exam)
  5. Other Internet online practice exams and ITTO based exam
  6. And last but not least, I followed Shiv’s suggestion while attending the exam (First answer all easy questions and then answer formula based question and then trick questions – explained here [Look for strategy in PMP Simulator section])

I was able to finish the exam in 3 hrs 15 mins without break and then I used the remaining time for going though some of the formula based questions (which I had left in first round) and those questions which I had marked for reviewing.

At the end of the exam I was delighted to see a big CONGRATULATIONS massage!!!

Another tip

Also, I would suggest you to download “PMP exam Prep” android application as it has got lot of useful questions (practice test) and answers with explanations.

All the best for your PMP. Don’t delay your PMP exam, just go for it and finish it!!

Praveen Pandit, PMP

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