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I got my PMP certificate sometime back. The one study resource I found to be helpful for my preparation is the video series by Cornelius Fichtner, called the PM PrepCast. This 40+ hours of lucid educational content was the best study resource I was lucky to have come across during my online research.

Note – this is a review, click here to visit PMPrepCast site.

PMPrepCast also gave me the 35hrs of project management education I needed to acquire in order to apply for PMP Exam on PMI site.

As my exam date drew closer I needed to assess my understanding of the subject and get a feel of the REAL exam. So I signed up for the PMP Exam Simulator. This really helped me realize where do I stand in terms of final preparation for the exam. And helped discover few time-saving tips that I could use during exam to finish all 200 questions with-in 4 hours. I could undoubtedly say that some of the questions I came across in this simulator prepared me much better for the exam than any other single online resource I could give credit for.

I was so happy with these products that I went ahead and signed up for affiliation, so I can offer them to PMESN readers.

Noteplease visit this page for comprehensive review and latest set of more bonuses on these products.

Now, during the month of January 2014, Cornelius is offering a discount to PMESN readers.
A 10% discount on the bundle of PMPrepCast and Simulator products.
Use the coupon code Jan14 on the order page.

Now, can you prepare for the exam without buying these products. Absolutely. If you can be dedicated to study schedule and diligently run through all the free study materials (including PMESN lessons and Blueprint), you can. It is just that these products make it much simpler and faster to prepare well for the exam. So, when I bought I looked at as an investment.

PM PrepCast takes you by the hand, and shows you step by step one of the easiest and unique methods to prepare for PMP exam.250q-book-trns

Here is a free bonus I want to offer you.

My specially prepared 250 best Sample PMP Questions and Answers eBook valued at $24.95, I will send you for free.

This will prepare you even better for the exam. It’s like practice-running on the beach so when you run the race on the real track it feels much easier. That was exactly the feeling I got while I was taking real PMP exam. And that is the secret to acing any exam. Prepare hard, tough and smart so the actual exam feels much simpler and gives you that much needed confidence right during the exam.

While the content itself is presented in a easy-to-grasp manner, the fact that it is a video based course makes it convenient. You can not only study at your convenience and at your pace, you can access these across many devices – PC, iPhone, iPad, or even Android device. The lessons are short so you could squeeze in a study session while waiting for a friend at restaurant, or even during commute between office and home (not if you are driving, of course 🙂

Again, let me tell you that you can pass the exam without this product as well, but this product just makes it that much simpler, easier and faster.

NoteNow more bonuses available. Please click here for comprehensive review of PM Prepcast and latest set of bonuses.

Good luck with your preparations!

Shiv Shenoy

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