My PMP tips for quick success: Christian Alabi, PMP

pmp tips christian alabiShiv, I passed PMP on 1/11/16, last day of old exam. I thought it’d be nice to share my PMP tips with your readers.

Here’re my PMP Tips

– Read the boring PMBOK. I prayed to GOD to help me do the impossible, and he let me read it, for real.
– Read the RITA book and play the RITA games, worksheets and questions
pmp christian alabPrepcast from Cornelius will seal in the knowledge if you do each knowledge area in sequence, eg, PMBOK, RITA, then Prepcast before going on to next knowledge area. Your preferred order may differ, but you get the drift.
– Rita sheets showing the Sequence of planning activity is a must memorize, that and the PMP 47 KAs and processes are crucial
Key to situational questions is your overall knowledge of PMP think, and knowing the sequence, eg know what comes first or next, eg, quantitative risk analysis or qualitative risk analysis, the exam will trick you. Another example, you must Collect Requirements before Defining Scope.
Other key to situational questions is knowing who performs a particular role or activity. Is it the PM, sponsor, customer, head of department etc,. And, not only whose role, but what can they do or not do. The exam will trick you.
Do not memorize the ITTOs. Just focus on the outputs for each process and understand the relationships and flow of outputs from process to process. You automatically learn the inputs since they are outputs from the previous process. You should be able to differentiate between tools or technique and input/outputs
Start your cheat sheet (brain dump) two weeks to the exam, daily. It, it will comfort you and save you time on a few questions at least, and boost your confidence
– Do 100 questions a week at random sites online when you start studying. Very important to understand why you got something wrong, go back to PMBOK on those you get wrong, not just what is the answer, but WHY is it the correct answer?
Do 100 questions a day in the last two weeks
– Do at least 2 full exam simulations. Must score about 70%, I scrapped and got there, from the 50s to just 70, barely.
– Last two days, minimum 8 hours sleep each day
Very very very light study during the last two days, find one of those three or 4 sheets that pack it all in and review that.
Practice cheat sheet once or twice each of the last 2 days
– By following this, you go in with confidence, not doubts being weak here and there, no panic
Confident, calm and easy does it. Will boost your score tremendously.

Hope these PMP tips will help you. Good luck!

Christian Alabi, PMP


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