Completely FREE PMP Study Resource Kit – 8 Resources To Pass Your PMP Exam!

Completely Free PMP Study Resource Kit – 8 resources to pass your PMP exam!


Free PMP resource kit to pass the project management professional (PMP) exam

Free PMP Resource #1 – You’d need Examination Content Outline (PMP syllabus), PMP Handbook, and PMBOK (you’ll get PMBOK for free as PMI member) >> Download the first 2 from here

Grab these PMP documents from - these are foundational

Free PMP Resource #2 – The PMP Beginner’s Guide >> Get it for free here

Use this PMP guide to understand the PMP landscape - essential read!

Free PMP Resource #3 – Free course to build foundation with top-down approach >> Sign up for free here

What better way to learn PMP than the top-down approach?!

Free PMP Resource #4 – Free PM PrepCast helped over 53000+ people, sign up for free here

Helped over 54000+ people, get your copy here.

Free PMP Resource #5 – A Simulator is a must! >> Grab this free simulator

Simulator is a must to prepare for the real exam.

Free PMP Resource #6 – Steal PMP strategies from successful PMPs >> Over 324+ here!

Steal PMP strategies from successful PMPs around the world

Free PMP Resource #7 – Join free PMP support group on LinkedIn here  and on Facebook here

Join free PMP support group on LinkedIn

Free PMP Resource #8 – Want to get free PMP support by Shiv? Reach Shiv now.

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