How PMP Study Actually Helped Increase Concentration – Deepti Garg, PMP

pmp-study deepti gargMy PMP study has been a roller-coaster ride. It took me one year to become PMP, as I was working full-time job and had to manage my 2 growing kids.

pmp deepti gargHere is my PMP journey!

I took my first test with a little study last year and then realized it is unlike any other certification exams. The study material is full of concepts, but the exam tests application of the knowledge for given scenario.

So this needed not just hard work but some smart work as well, not to mention a whole lot of practice.

With lot of re-scheduling of tests and 1 month of real hard study, I am a proud PMP today.

Began PMP study slow and steady

I began reading Andy Crowe’s PMP book – which was helped me understand PMP concepts.

I increased my understanding by then reading Rita Mulcahy’s amazing book. This really helped me understand the 47 processes.

Then I followed this up with a read of PMBOK. This was a bit confusing for me. Therefore, I went back to Rita’s book and reread it.

I internalized PMBOK’s processes and had understood how ITTOs of these processes flow across the processes.

Then accelerated..

My PMI registration was expiring on September 6th and that made my goal to become PMP concrete.

Along with the books I began practicing on PrepCast Simulator, which was a value addition to my learning path.

The simulator has 1800 question, and I begain taking full-length exams. My scores began to settle between 70%-87%. Mock tests helped me optimize time for the 4 hours I need to focus on the real exam.

Sitting for 4 hours and answering questions helped me increase my concentration! This helped me study even better!

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Then I hit the Last Mile

Shiv’s books added special edge to my study efforts. I got specific step-by-step instructions to increase my chances of success at PMP exam. I got important points served on the platter to simply go through and remember for the exam.

Then I practiced his Brain Dump. PMESN community’s daily PMP questions on Facebook was a good way to keep my study momentum going.

I also read his book on strategies to pass PMP in 4 weeks.

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The PMP exam day!

During the exam, I prepared brain dump only for formulas. This took me just 5 min of my initial exam time, but turned out to be hugely beneficial.

The first couple of question made me nervous, honestly, but then I took a deep breath and decided not to leave any questions for review later – unless it was too lengthy.

There was no lengthy questions thankfully, I kept doing questions one after the other – including formula questions. I didn’t need to look back. I did not take any breaks, and completed my PMP exam with just 7 minute to go.

I closed my eyes with my heart throbbing million times a minute. And when I opened my eyes, I saw the golden words on the screen: CONGRATULATIONS

I almost fainted.

Good luck for your exam,

Deepti Garg, PMP

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