PMP Question Of The Day’: Winners announced for Feb-2014!

PMESN Contest Winners Feb14Winners announced for the ‘PMP Question A Day’ contest for February 2014.. and this time there is a surprise – We have joint winners!

Big congratulations to Asmara Rahat (third time winner in a row) and Faisal Shahzad!

We have Lalit Sharma on the second position and again a joint winners at the third place – Koshy George and Munir Hossain Auntu!

Here’s the tally of correct answers.
PMESN Feb-14 winners names

Let us see some tough fight to the chart toppers in this month!

Achievers in the PMESN Community

One of our community members, Syed Ali passed PMP on 28the Feb 2014.

Hi Shiv
I have just passed pmp today , just want to acknowledge that I have used your notes and found them useful.
thank you.

Congratulations Syed, and all the best!

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