2 P and 3 MP in 2.5 hours. PMP Prep Experience of Mostafa Adel, PMP

pmp prep experienceShiv, thank you for your support, emails, great tips, and the PMP prep books. I earned my PMP yesterday with 2 ‘Proficient’ and 3 ‘Moderately Proficient’ score.

I completed my exam in just 2.5 hours.

I would like to share some advice and study tips here based on my PMP prep experience, for the benefit of PMP aspirants.

pmp mostafa adel My preparation for the exam started way back in April 2016 with a course at my workplace, which ran for three days a week. I completed this course by June 2016. Due to many things, I couldn’t study the materials I got at the course.

I started studying afresh in September 2016 by –

  • Reading your Blueprint,
  • Watching videos on UDEMY for free,
  • Reading RITA, and
  • Solving questions provided by the UDEMY course.

We got our third child in September, and my PMP study took a backseat as I had to dedicate a lot of time for family.

Then I reworked my plan to study one process group per week with a study schedule and tried my best to stick with it.

I had submitted my PMP application at PMI earlier in August, and my company paid the exam fees by November.

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Second round of PMP study

I started the revision stage by reading the PMBOK and few specific chapters from Head First PMP book.

I solved as many questions as I could from PM Fastrack & PMSTUDY.

At this stage, I revised two knowledge areas weekly according to the plan.

Suddenly, I received an email from PMI reminding me that I’ve six months only to get my certificate. Therefore, I scheduled my exam to be after one month.

I started solving timed questions (50 per hour) from the GREENBOOK and PMSTUDY mock exams. My average score was very good and my solving time was about 40 minutes.

After that, I solved complete 200 questions exams and my average was improved, and the solving time was about 2 to 2.5 hours.

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Last week before the exam

In the last week before the exam, I stressed on solving complete 4-hour exams and identify my study gaps. I reviewed the processes, ITTOs, equations, motivational theories and my brain dump.

The exam!

On the day of my exam, I arrived at the exam center half an hour earlier and took my place.

I answered about 120 questions in 1 and a half hour, giving me 2.5 hrs for remaining 80.

Then I took a break for 5 minutes to drink water, wash my face and use the restroom. Then I got back to the exam hall and continued.

I completed the remaining questions and reviewed the marked questions.

Finally, I got the Congratulations message and amply satisfied. At last, I was PMP certified.

Thank you Shiv for your help. Hope my PMP prep experience helps PMP students preparing for their exam.

I wish them good luck.

Mostafa Adel, PMP

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