PMP Lessons Learned

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PMP lessons learned


Learning from the experience of people who have passed PMP will help you refine/change your study plan. This will increase your chances of success. Please note that these are experiences of individuals who have written them and you are free to accept or reject any of the ideas or advice offered.

My special thanks to all these noble people for selflessly sharing their exam prep tips for the benefits of PMP students.

If you’d like to share your experience, please write to me here or if you are already on my mailing list please shoot me a mail.

Note: There are way too many posts to fit into one page, hence I’ve paginated the whole set. Please use the next/previous page links to learn from experiences of those that have passed their PMP exam.

Good luck!

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2 P and 3 MP in 2.5 hours. PMP Prep Experience of Mostafa Adel, PMP

Shiv, thank you for your support, emails, great tips, and the PMP prep books. I earned my PMP yesterday with 2 ‘Proficient’ and 3 ‘Moderately Proficient’ score.

I completed my exam in just 2.5 hours.

I would like to share some advice and study tips here based on my PMP prep experience, for the benefit of PMP aspirants.

My preparation for the exam started way back in April 2016 with a course at my workplace, which ran for three days a week. I completed this course by June 2016. Due to many things, I couldn’t study the materials I got at the course.

I started studying afresh in September 2016 by –

  • Reading your Blueprint,
  • Watching videos on UDEMY for free,
  • Reading RITA, and
  • Solving questions provided by the UDEMY course.

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My Myth-busting PMP Exam Experience – Murali Mohan, PMP

Shiv, I passed my PMP exam recently, and here are a few myths I’d like to burst and also share few tips from my PMP exam experience.

Myth #1: PMP Exam is tough.

PMP exam is not as tough as most people perceive it to be.

pmp murali mohanPMP is identical to the quarterly exams during schooling – I did my schooling in India and I understand other countries have the mid-term exam after 6 months from the beginning of the academic year.

Quarterly exams are conducted every 3 months. There are 7 subjects in all. And by the first quarter, we would complete 5 chapters in each subject. Isn’t it? That makes it 35 chapters in all. But, for PMP we have only 13 chapters!

Fact: The difference is the cost of PMP exam and that is where fear lies for many people. “If I failed I’ll lose $500+!”

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PMP Certification Exam Experience: Vignesh Kalyanasundaram, PMP

Shiv, I feel very happy in letting you know that I cleared my PMP certification exam on February 16th !! I owe you a lot for this success and thanks for all your help and guidance which you gave me on this journey.

How it all began..

pmp vignesh kIt all started in September 2015 and even before becoming a PMP certified Project Manager I did the cost-benefit analysis. At that time I decided to do some certification and performed research on various options like CAPM, PMP, Prince 2, ITIL next level certification and so on.

Finally, I decided to proceed with PMP.

When I started I found the website of Edward Chung to be very useful to understand the prerequisite and syllabus etc. Then I was lucky to find PMESN website and immediately subscribed the daily emails explaining the various concepts.

I have to say it was pure Project management explained in clear, plain English!! No ambiguity, no IITO, tedious calculations etc.

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PMP Study Tips: I Used 3-Step Approach to Study for Exam – by Jaclyn Castello, PMP

I wanted to share my PMP Study method with you in case others found it helpful. I passed the PMP exam in January 2017 without using flashcards or doing an exhaustive brain dump at the beginning of the exam.

PMP Study Books

I took a prep course in January of 2016 but did not find the prep course materials very effective, so I decided to look into other prep books.

pmp jaclyn castello I used the following books during my prep:

My Study Approach

Due to a heavy work schedule, It took me three months of studying to feel ready for the exam. I used a 3-step approach to save time and get better understanding quickly –

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My PMP Test Prep Tips: Grace Manjengwa, PMP

My PMP test prep journey started in June 2015. That’s when I decided that I wanted to be PMP certified.

I started by joining PMI, then I spent a few months researching and compiling data for the application. I finally applied for PMP test and in February 2016, right after making my payment for the exam, received notification that my application was being audited.

I successfully completed the audit process in March and planned to spend a few months studying before scheduling the exam. However, due to various life events, I ended up actually taking and passing my PMP test on February 4, 2017.

Here are a few things I think are very important to keep in mind in your PMP test prep –

The PMP application

Make sure that you would be able to contact the managers you listed for your projects in the event that you are audited. [Click to continue…]

PMP Certification Tips & Prep Advice by Lawrence Li, PMP

I would like to share few PMP certification tips, with the hope that this will help few PMP aspirants.


I had failed CISSP exam many years ago, because of which I had a negative feeling about taking certification exams. I had studied for PMBOK-4 many years ago but did not take the exam.

Last year I decide to take the exam again and read 3 books – PMBOK, Head First, and Rita.

pmpStudy Resources

I read PMBOK in last July and Head First PMP last Nov, Rita’s in December 2016.

I found PMBOK to be boring.

Although many people like Head First, I personally think that it is not the best way for me to learn (pictorial explanations are good but I don’t enjoy the graphical style of learning). Having said this, it still benefited me by having some important concept learned and clarified.

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