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swagat pmp lessons learnedHere’s  my brief PMP Lessons Learned and links for the PMP exam

My preparation method:

  • Read the RITA completely once
  • Read the PMBOK then completely
  • Completed the Questions on the RITA and mark the ones which are wrong. Ensured the wrong ones do not repeat again
  • Tried the numerical problems. (They are the easiest areas to score)
  • Attempted mock exams and ensured to score more than 80% (preferred) in at least 5 mocks (200 Questions)
  • Read Shiv’s notes, which is must before taking the exams

Some mock exam links from Internet:

So more the mocks you take more comfortable you will be. Try to score 75% and above consistently. This will allow you to be confident about passing the exam.

Also try to go through the RITA chart, the planning processes (in the given order) especially.

Make a plan and stick to it. That will easily ensure that you make the maximum out of your time.


Swagat, PMP

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