Madhav K (PMP): Take One KA and Run Across All Study Resources

pmp lessons learnedHere’re my PMP Lessons Learned


I took one Knowledge area and studied that subject in PMBOK, Head First and Rita Mulachy. I did not move forward till I completed the Knowledge area. I also referred to Shiv Shenoy’s smart notes for my preparation.


It took longer than expected to be exam ready. But, It worked for me. Also, I validated my knowledge gained with the free online PMP questions to check my understanding.


My Lessons Learned from the exam: The basics of PMBOK are thoroughly tested. What comes “Next” type of questions were predominant for my exam.


One question was tricky.. Scenario says that you are in Implementation Phase (Execution), but choice given to choose are from M&C and Planning…If the basics are not strong you will find it tough to clear…

I used PMBOK, Head first and Rita Mulachy (8th Edition) for self study to clear the exam.


Madhav K, PMP


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