PMP Lessons Learned by Moin Kandoi


Core lesson – treat exam preparation itself as a Project!

It is always helpful when you can relate your study topics with real life examples. It makes you understand the concepts easily and you can remember them for a long time. This was the key of my study plan. I wanted to pass PMP Examination and that was my Project.

pmp-lessons-learned-moinI considered PMP Certification as a Project and I started reading PMBOK. I started relating all Knowledge Areas and Processes trying to identify them as related to this Project.

Here’re couple of examples of how I went ahead with this approach, so you get the idea.

I created a Project Charter for my PMP Certification. There were high level assumptions, constraints mentioned in that document.

Then the tasks and project schedule. I planned to complete this Project by 1 June. I was ready to spend X amount (costing) for my studies and certification and so on. I also mentioned the reason why I am going for this Certification.

Then I started to identify stakeholders for this project.

Some of the stakeholders that I identified were family, friends, and office. I came up with Stakeholder management as well as Risk management strategies after identifying certain possible risks – such as upcoming wedding in the family, possible disruptions at work and such.

Here’s an example of how a scope change impacted my Project.

When I started with PMP preparation I had assumed that I will read only PMBOK. I had made the study schedule accordingly. As I was studying PMBOK I realized that I will have to go through other reference books. I included this as scope change.

Additional study resources impacted my schedule and cost. I had to either delay my exam date or increase the study hours.

Managing this way helped me understand topics and their applicability quite easily.

Please note there is a lot of information available on websites and there are many books. PMBOK is a must-have study resource, and I’d advise you select one or two more sources. Do not get lot of things on your plate – this might lead to information overload.

I wish you all the best, and I thank Shiv for this opportunity to share my learning with you all preparing for your PMP exam.

Good luck!

Moin Kandoi, PMP

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