I Used This PMP Fast Track Program And Got Above-Target Score, by Naudia Harty, PMP

fast track program Harty pmpPassing PMP exam has been one of my dreams, not just a career goal. The sound framework it provides for project managers, it’s value in the industry, and above all – the confidence I can gain at my job by knowing that I am covering all the bases on the project – is something I always wanted to attain.

naudia harty pmpThus began my PMP prep journey.

As anyone does, my first step was to google “PMP Study Plan”. 🙂

I must say, with tens of thousands of results, and hundreds of sites offering all kind of programs, I was beginning to feel a sense of overwhelm.

On investigating on ways to pass the PMP exam further, in a short space of time I came upon an article about an earlier PMP student that shared her 4-weeek plan, on Shiv’s PMESN.

As I dug more, I came across Dan and Shiv’s PMP fast-track program on how to pass the exam within weeks.

I watched the free webinar training.

During my own studies I had difficulty in understanding the Integration concept and how Quality and Scope was tied together.
The way it was explained on the webinar – I instantly understood it, was in awe of that coaching and was sold.
– Naudia Harty, PMP

My preparation from then was simply following the 5 week plan from Dan and Shiv’s Last Mile Program (I heard it is even better now). This I completed within 4 weeks.

During this time I also practiced writing down the ITTOs daily after completing each knowledge area.

I understood most of them, but practicing them daily made it easier to remember. Then I reviewed each topic with the Rita Mulcahy Book.

Of course I did not read the entire book, just the notes and the questions on each topic.

I utilized the free simulators that were recommended and I was consistently scoring in my 80s.

Also, downloaded a PMP app (few here) on my phone that provided PMP questions on each knowledge area.

I made sure that I was consistently doing some form of PMP studies.

To tie off everything I studied the main definitions under the Planning process group. I knew my formulas, was comfortable with ITTOs and I knew the process chart in PMBOK guide.

My result – Above Target in all areas.

Thanks a million Dan and Shiv.

Naudia Harty, PMP


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