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Sept 16, 10:02 am :

I just saw that we are bestseller #1 in 2 categories on Amazon Kindle books! (I’ve got the screenshots for you below).

And even better, hundreds of people are using this book *right now* as part of their PMP preparation arsenal.

That’s awesome… and it’s all because of you helping me spread the word about this special promotion. We’ve had members of our PM community sharing this on social media, buying copies for their friends and colleagues.. it’s been amazing.

We’ve just got till the end of today (about 12+ hours from now as I’m writing this) before the price goes up to $4.99… so now is the time to get your copy (if you haven’t yet) or send one to your friends or colleagues.

Here’s the link:

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Imagine walking into the exam room with the *entire* set of PMP® concepts fresh in mind, under 15 minutes, feeling that supreme confidence.


★★ PMP® Exam Cheat Sheet – Your 15 Minutes Revision Guide ★★

Get for Just $4.99 $0.99 today.

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Download instantly, read on your smartphone, PC, Mac, iDevice, or Kindle device.


This is a laser-focused cheat sheet for your PMP® exam updated for the latest PMBOK (6th) version and the latest 2021 PMP syllabus and includes the Predictive, Agile, and Hybrid project management concepts.

There are no detailed explanations in this book, no Process Groups, Knowledge Areas, or ITTOs (Inputs, Tools and Techniques, and Outputs), just the nuts and bolts – brief pointers you need for the exam.

An excellent way to get an entire overview of the exam landscape and to revise in the week before the exam.

Other books in this ‘Ace Your PMP Exam’ series give you crucial PMP® concepts in ways that are easy to understand and ‘just stick’. This book however focuses only on formulas, lists, laws, theories, principles, and names – some with mnemonics to remember them easily.

This cheat sheet covers information to keep in mind as you walk into the examination hall. This book includes points that are not part of PMBOK® guide but are expected on the exam.

You should be able to go over this cheat sheet in under 15 minutes and get a hold of what you need for quick access during the exam.

Take a look at the Table of Content by clicking on the ‘Look Inside’ link on the book image to see the syllabus covered in this PMP cheat sheet.

How to best use this book?

You can use this cheat sheet in few ways –

✓ to prepare your brain dump the week before your PMP exam (useful even if you are not planning to apply the brain dump strategy during the exam)
✓ to go over once a day during the week before the exam to strengthen your memory
✓ to revise and feel super-confident on the morning of your PMP exam


PMP exam cheatsheet grab for a dollar today only

♥ Reader Testimonials

103 pages of pure, filtered, short-form concepts in a cheat sheet form – updated for the latest 2021 syllabus covering agile/hybrid content – perfectly suited to refresh all the PMP content in one quick swipe.

Imagine what it would be like to refresh the entire set of PMP concepts just before the exam, under 15 minutes, and feel the supreme confidence.

PMP cheatsheet - so you walk into the exam with confidence.

Offer Expires In A Few Hours.

It would help me provide you with more value if you can leave an honest review on Amazon. Thank you!

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