Brain Dump of PMP Exam! Mayank Bajpai, PMP

pmp brain dump mayank bajpai

mayank bajpai pmp

Shiv, here is my brain dump about PMP exam itself 🙂 – all the specific resources I used including videos, books, and few study insights I discovered along the way.

Specific PMP videos I found helpful

A) PM Primer

Earned Value –

Critical Path Method

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B) Saket – Izenbridge

Seven Basic Quality Tools

Resource Leveling and Resource Smoothing

PMP : Configuration Management

C) Prime Project Mgmt

How to effectively Read Question –

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PMP Books I Used

HeadFirst – I read this first.

This book is easy to read and understand.

I found it to be very helpful to understand the concepts with good examples. Please make sure you don’t miss any of the exercises in this book. I would recommend this as first book in your study sequence.

PMBOK – This is the second book I recommend you read

PMBOK is a mandatory reference for PMP.

When I read it for the first time, I found it difficult to understand.

I kept it aside and started with HeadFirst. I studied it post Headfirst and found it to be a very resourceful and easy to grasp.

Please make sure you read Glossary atleast once if not twice. It will be a real help.

Also, During my revision, I followed different pattern i.e. instead of going chapter by chapter, I went through all the processes based on the process group.

PMP Mock tests I took

I figured that mock tests will give me a sense of real exam, so I invested money and effort in this. I recommend not to neglect this part of your study.

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My PMP Tips

  1. Register & apply as soon as you decide to take the exam. This will be one of the factors that will force you to focus towards PMP study. Trust me.
  2. Don’t try to go through multiple books to find the best one. Stick to PMBOK and one reference book (Rita, Headfirst etc).
  3. Practice as many PMP mock tests as you can. This will help you to understand the structure of the various type of questions and help you judge your exam preparation.
  4. Take few practice tests during same time of the day as your exam slot. For example, my exam was scheduled at 12:30 PM. I took all full-length practice exam during that period.
  5. Practice maths questions without fail.
  6. Focus on Quality & Procurement Knowledge Areas. Very Important.
  7. The exam is not tough but tricky. So don’t stress, just focus on learning concepts and taking practice tests.
  8. Don’t lose focus and time. Prepare your own timetable with a study plan. In my case, I wrote my 15 days study plan on white board and kept in my study room.
  10. Read point #9 again.

That’s all I have to share.

I wish you all the success,

Mayank Bajpai, PMP

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