PMBOK PMP® Process Chart: The Frame Method [Video] – How To Create In Just 7 Minutes. Effortless Technique!

pmbok pmp process table master in 7 minutes

The PMP ‘Process Chart’ from PMBOK is the skeleton around which entire PMP exam content is built. All the flesh, muscle, nerves, blood that goes around the skeleton are the Inputs, Tools & Techniques, and Outputs, and of course all the Concepts around the Process table (with its 10 KAs, 5 PGs, & 49 processes)!.

If you enjoyed this Frame-method, you will LOVE the course that this is part of, PM Exam Last Mile Prep program!

By learning to reproduce this process table intuitively you will gain tremendous confidence throughout your PMP exam study.


Whichever process you take up for study, you will be able to recall the process that logically precedes it and the process logically succeeds it, and also some of the logical inputs and outputs that are expected. This insight tremendously helps you make sense of the ITTOs as you learn about them, which makes the process level study much easier.

I use few silly mnemonics in this ‘Frame Method’ to understand and reproduce the PMP process chart intuitively. The silliness is intentional, because our mind latches on to out-of-the-ordinary information easily, which means we can recall such information quickly. I encourage you to create your own mnemonics as you study for PMP® exam.

Thus far this mnemonic-based fun way of learning Process chart was available to my students only, now you get to learn for free!

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