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Last week you read the PMP exam experience of Jackie Gibbs, who prepared herself without PMBOK (except for the glossary). This week Sunil shares how he used primarily PMBOK and supplemental books to pass his PMP exam, in this brief post.

Bottomline, there is no cookie-cutter approach when it comes to PMP prep. What works best is look at what works best for most people, study various successful PMP students’ experiences, find out the approaches that have worked for the most and fine-tune your prep plan. Make your own path and embrace glory.


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Hi Shiv, I cleared my PMP Exam last week with your support. Thank you, particularly for sharing the lessons learned and your books. I would like to briefly share few exam study pointers that I have learned, hoping these will help PMP students.

My study sources

My main sources besides PMBOK were:

sunilI used to read PMBOK & other topics from the Internet since April/May but due to circumstances, my preparation was neither consistent nor well-planned.

It was only for past few weeks that I could commit to regular study hours with a complete focus on my PMP preparation.

My Family, particularly my father played a very important role in encouraging me & achieving PMP certification. A big thanks to him.

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My Exam Experience

During the first 45 minutes, I could complete just 35 questions or so. Out of these 35, I marked 25+ for review and thought that I lost the exam. Then I took a break for water.

After that, I decided not to mark any question for review and continued. There were not many direct questions, most of them were situational. I took a second water break after another hour. I completed my exam with 17 minutes to go and spent this time for reviewing the marked questions. Then I saw the ‘congratulations’ message on the screen and felt relieved.

Yes, PMP is a tough exam, but with good planning and study plan, anyone can pass PMP exam.

Best of luck to all the participants.

Thanks & best regards,
Sunil Narula, PMP

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