PM PrepCast Is Back & With Discount Offer: Ace The PMP (2021) Easy! [Cornelius Fichtner]

PM Prepcast cost is slashed, for the new PMP exam, grab at $50 off here todayYes, Cornelius Fichtner’s PM PrepCast Is Back!

I thought this would never happen, to be honest!

When PMI moved over to the new exam on 2 Jan 2021, many instructors went with the ATP program, which – long story short – stopped them from helping PMP aspirants with their own courses.

Cornelius went for ATP too and their course cost a whopping $2K. This effectively put the course out of reach for many of the PMP aspirants, unfortunately.

But now that’s set to change, as PM Prepcast Is Back!

Does this cover the 2021 PMP exam?

An absolute 100%!

As you know the new PMP exam syllabus (ECO) has not deducted any of the previous content but added more.

A ton of Agile content.

The PM Prep Cast video course covers all of the new content required to be studied for the exam.

And right now you can get it at a neat $50 discount as a special inaugural offer (discount already applied).

This is the highest ever that was offered on PM PrepCast in its history (at least for the 7+ years I have been seeing it).

Grab your copy at this inaugural deep-discount offer today here.

This will be for a limited time, so I’d grab it while PM PrepCast is available at an all-time low price now.

Reach out to me from here if you have any questions, I’m here to help. If you are a student of one of my courses on my PMP student support list (you can join from the right sidebar on this blog), you can simply reply to one of my emails and I promise to reply asap. 🙂

Well if you are impatient, let me give you the goody straight away here –

[wpcd_coupon id=68348]

[wpcd_coupon id=68728]

What’s the change in PM PrepCast cost?

I told you earlier that the ATP program cost as much as $2000, right?

Compared to that, PM PrepCast is a steal!

But here is something you need to know first.

PM PrepCast comes with 2 packages – Basic and Elite (Elite Plus is on the way).

The Basic PM PrepCast cost is pegged at $279 and the Elite PM PrepCast cost, at $349.

What does the Elite package contain, did you ask?

It gives you an absolute gem, in addition to the video lessons (which is what you get with the Basic package) – PMP Exam Simulator!

Cornelius’ simulator is probably the most popular PMP simulator on earth right now.

The simulator alone costs $149, but now bundled with the video course as the ‘Elite’ package, you get it for just an increment of $70 (that’s like a 53% discount?)

But here is the great news!

Here comes, PM PrepCast Discount…

As an inaugural offer, Cornelius is offering PM PrepCast at a $50 additional discount! (that’s like another 20% off!)

So the PM Prep Cast Basic package costs just $229 & PM Prep Cast Elite package costs $299

And you can grab the inaugural offer today right here (the discount is already applied when you click the button below) –

pm prepcast new 2021 buy now at a $50 discount

I highly recommend you go over all the information on the product page. One point I want to highlight is that the PMP Exam Simulator has 90-day access (same duration access even if you bought it separately). The access starts when you take the first test, which means that you can plan when you want to take the simulator tests.

A great way to do this is to take the first test after you are done with one complete round of PMP study.

What are the benefits?

I’m glad you asked.

Here are a few, apart from the strong possibility that this will give you the core benefit: getting PMP certified on your first attempt.

PM PrepCast for new PMP exam 2021, benefits here PM PrepCast for new PMP exam 2021, MORE benefits here

Is there a PM PrepCast discount code?

Well, this link already includes the discounted price, so you don’t need to enter any special code.

However, if you do not see $229 for the Basic package and $279 for PM PrepCast Elite package, use the following code: MAY21

[wpcd_coupon id=68348]

[wpcd_coupon id=68728]

I want to read the PM PrepCast review.

In case you haven’t heard about PM PrepCast or not familiar with its features, read my detailed, 6000+ words, objective, point-by-point review here (and few free videos right from inside the course!).

On this review page, you can also get my brain-friendly PMP premium course (valued $97) as a bonus if you invested in PM Prep Cast from one of the links on my blog.

While at it, you can grab a couple of free PMP simulators as well.

Wait, wait, I already have prepared for 2020 PMP exam well, I just need to study the additional content

Well, you are in absolute luck.

And Cornelius has a fix for this problem as well.

Here’s the Booster Course, which teaches you all that you need to learn for the new exam, over and above what the old exam covered.

All the best!

Enjoy PMP learning,



I want to be transparent. I am an affiliate for PM PrepCast products. This means that if and when you invest in PM PrepCast using the link from this blog, I get a small commission, at no additional cost for you on the product. In fact, you get my premium course as a bonus (simply write to me with your customer id at shiv-at-pmexamsmartnotes-dot-com). However, this does not change how I feel about PM PrepCast because I myself used this for my own PMP preparation, so I owe my success to this. I thank you for your support if you choose to invest in PM Prep Cast using my affiliate link on this blog.



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