Winter Camp To Pass PMP® Exam – Get In Now With Christmas / New Year Special @50%

As we are approaching this year and getting ready to welcome the new year, chances are, you have already set the New Year Resolutions. And if you are reading this post, one of them is to pass PMP® exam.

Well, I have just the thing that doctors ordered.

Announcing Christmas Offer to pass PMP® exam in next 3 months (consider this a leisure goal, you can pull it back to suit your schedule).

Pass PMP exam with special program, 50% offer on PMP Last Mile Prep program.

Yes, a whopping 50% discount on PM Exam Last Mile Prep program.

This is what this special program contain –

  1. Instant access to PM Exam Last Mile Prep program – 35+hrs video content, overall 50+ hours of brain-friendly prep content
  2. A trackable, milestone-based study plan flexible enough to suit your time frame – best way to reach your goal
  3. PMI Application support – write in a way that PMI expects so your application is not rejected
  4. 35-hour project management education certificate, mandated by PMI for taking PMP® exam
  5. Guaranteed place in my exclusive coaching group – you and I talk one-on-one regularly
  6. Student support group – for daily support till you pass the exam

You DON’T PAY any more than the course fee to get all the above additional support and coaching services of this study program – that too at 50% Christmas discount right now.

As you know the new exam is going to be harder.

The fact that PMI is running a pilot test before the public release to gauge students’ response to the new exam tells a lot about what to expect when it comes out!

Get in now.

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Be smart about this, get through your PMP® exam right now – not just before the new exam kicks in, but before the mad rush to book exam slots begins in around March-April.

Here is how to get into the program –

That’s it!

Thank you for being part of PMESN community and I will look forward to working with you to get you PMP® certification.

People are crushing it..

So many of my students have been acing their PMP® exam while enjoying the process. Come join the club, take the simple and brain-friendly way and get your PMP while having a memorable experience.

Try risk-free now

To make sure that this is made risk free for you, this offer is covered by the 30-day money back guarantee. So, for whatever reason if you feel that the PM Last Mile Prep program is not for you, write me an email and get your refund.

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Here is how to get into the program –

For a strong 2020!

Happy holidays,

Shiv Shenoy

PS: Share this article with one friend that is preparing for her PMP exam.

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