How To Pass PMP® Exam Before PMBOK-6 Kicks In: Get Your Proven Plan In Next Hour!

pass pmp exam before pmbok 6 kicks in“How To Pass PMP Exam Before PMBOK-6 Kicks In?”

If this question has been bothering you for some time now, well, here’s the solution right in front of you.

The book is released on Amazon platform and within few hours it is being bought by PMP students!

What can you expect in this book?

This is a book based on PMP exam experience of hundreds of PMP students that have successfully passed their exam. I have had the honor of being part of their PMP journey; observe and guide in their prep.

Some of them have been pretty unorthodox in their prep approach, some of them have chartered new path of preparation (one solely used Simulators to prepare for his exam!) – and with all this there has been a pattern, or call it collection of best practices and unique techniques, that forms the core this book.

The book reveals a simple yet highly practical 4-phase approach to prepare for PMP exam from scratch (from the PMI Application stage) and to get past each of the stages till what to do on the exam.

Learn how to pass PMP exam before PMBOK-6 edition exam kicks in..This is a short 51 pages ebook – of pure content, packed with strategies, tips and techniques. No introduction passages explaining why PMP is required and such. This book assumes that the audience knows about PMP exam and is at a stage where she needs a well laid out plan to get going and grab that PMP certificate.

This book does just that.

A bonus section outlines few smart ways of identifying ‘question type’ and apply specific strategy to answer that question.

  • How to structure 4-phases so you have ample time for each phase to study before exam day
  • How to choose study resources that are right for you
  • How to save time during your study period
  • What to do in the week before exam to cover the ‘last mile’
  • How to de-risk the exam day
  • What to do on the exam to answer questions quicker
  • and more..

Click on ‘Look Inside’ option on the book’s image here  to see what is covered in this book on Amazon page.

How can you get this for FREE?

I would encourage you to show support to blog by purchasing this book. After all, it costs not more than a Starbucks coffee, of if you are in India, less than INR 200.

And the value this book has is at least worth the cost of re-taking the PMP exam, if one looks at it practically.

However, if you don’t want to, I understand and I still want to help.

If you are on Amazon Kindle Unlimited program, you can get the book for FREE!

Note – This would however be available for free for a limited time (as allowed by Amazon) but will be enough a timeframe till you complete your exam.

read PMP book free via Kindle Unlimited

Do I need a Kindle device to read this book?


You do not need a Kindle device to read any of the digital books you purchase from Amazon. Don’t get mislead by the phrase ‘Kindle book’.

Reading on a Kindle device has its own advantages, such as mobility, convenience and so on.

Here are few ways to read Amazon book out of Kindle device –

  1. You can read the book within seconds from purchasing it on Amazon. The purchase (or free access) confirmation page shows you a button to read the book immediately on the browser. You can simply bookmark this page in your browser (keyboard shortcut: Ctrl+D if you are on MSWindows computer, Command+D on Mac).
  2. You can also access your Amazon cloud reader from the url: – or with a domain extension for your country-specific Amazon regional store, for India this is , for instance.
  3. It is also possible to download this book on a device-specific Amazon Kindle Reader app – which is free. This is available for your smartphone or tablet, or even computer. Download from this link.
  4. Alternately, you can download Amazon Kindle app from app store. If you are an Android phone user, click here to download from Google Play, iOS users can get from iTunes here.

Download free reader app from the book’s sales page directly.

“Shiv, I don’t see the Buy Now button!”

This can happen only in two situations –

1. You are logged into an Amazon site that is not that of your native location.

For instance, if you reside in India your native site is If you log into you will not see the ‘Buy now’ button.

You simply logout from the amazon site that you are on currently, and log into your own country specific amazon site, in the case of above example it would be

2. Amazon does not operate in your country.

Unfortunately, Amazon does not operate in all the countries. Yet. It is slowly expanding.

Is there a work around?

If Amazon does not operate in your country, you can ask one of your friends/family in a country that Amazon operates in, to create an account for you and get this book (any Amazon book for that matter). You can then log into that Amazon site and read the books. Please note that I personally have not tested this approach, so please check if this works for you.

If you do happen to like the content of this book, please consider leaving an honest review on Amazon. This will help me reach more PMP students.

Grab your copy here on Amazon >>

In next 60 minutes you would have a well-laid out PMP prep plan with all the help you need at your finger-tips. Just take the step-by-step approach given in the book to go ahead with confidence that you are on the right track to crack your PMP exam.

Before PMBOK-6 based exam kicks in, bringing in all the uncertainties with it.

Thank you and I wish you good luck for your PMP exam!

-Shiv Shenoy

Disclaimer: Some of the links in this article are affiliate links, and if you purchased using them I stand to get a tiny commission, which helps me run this blog for free. However, this will not increase the cost of the product for you. Thank you.

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