Pass New PMP Exam In 4 Weeks: My Upcoming Prep Book On Kindle

Update 17 Feb –
The book was released on 11 Feb, and in 4 days it reached #1 Best Seller spot!
Please click here to find it on Amazon Kindle store.

Unveiling the cover.

As you know PMI brought out updated syllabus based PMP exam from 12th of January this year.

The fact that there are no changes in PMBOK made it harder for people to figure how to approach the new exam.

From November onward I started getting mails and messages asking for reference material for the updated content.

The updated content, as Simone confirmed in an interview with Corenlius, accounts for about 25% of content that questions appear from.

Simone is the project manager for PMP exam at, by the way.

(I spoke with Cornelius’s office and confirmed that they have updated the content of ALL of their PMP study products.)

That’s when I thought of writing a book that gives a step-by-step approach to prepare for the PMP exam.

I mean, Why not?

I have personally (one-on-one) helped over 650+ PMP students from around the world pass their PMP exam so far, and followed up with many to see how my advice panned out for them (feel free to schedule your Skype call using the green button at the bottom of this page).

This continuous feedback loop made it easier to reinforce the approach to the exam.

“Now is probably the best time to give it to everyone in a concise book format”, I thought.

Then the work began.

Long story short, this book represents the essence of what I set out to do with PMESN on that Sunday afternoon in 2013.

When I announced the launch of this book on PMESN Facebook page and to my subscribers in the last week of Jan, there was am amazing amount of support from you all. Many of you gave invaluable suggestions – which I was able to then include in my book.

I am so thankful for your inputs. I am sure it has made the book more useful (that’s the feedback I’ve been getting from beta-readers right now).

Few days later I released a combo image of three book covers – again on the Facebook page and to my newsletter subscribers. I requested to vote for the best cover and best title.

pass new pmp exam under 4 weeks

The response, to say the least, was s.i.m.p.l.y. a.w.e.s.o.m.e.!

Here’re the results –

Overall, 90 people voted for their choice of cover and title.

Here’re the votes for the cover –


Cover-A Cover-B Cover-C
26% 24% 50%


Close tie between Cover A and B, but Cover C is the clear winner!

Let’s look at what happened with the title –


Title from Cover-A Title from Cover-B Title from Cover-C
63% 25% 12%


Again, we have a clear winner: title from Cover-A!

I took the winning cover and winning title and updated the cover image. Then I ran it by the beta-reader group and got couple of suggestions on refining sub-title.

And here’s what the result looks like!

pass pmp in 4 weeks book


Thanks to your suggestions we now have a great cover (I think so 🙂 ) for the book. And the content too!

Current status –

I’m running the book through beta-readers group right now and am very close to the release date.

There may be even a surprise in store! 🙂

Stay tuned.

Thanks for being awesome & have a great day!

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