My 4-Week PMP Study Plan: Gayathri Narayanan, PMP

I completed my PMP successfully in my first attempt, and here is my PMP study plan. I hope this could be of help to people preparing for their PMP exam. And no, it didn’t cost me a fortune in coaching or resources.

pmp study plan 4wk gayathri

My PMP Study plan

gayathri narayanan pmp1. I booked the exam date a month after to give me enough time to prepare.

I would suggest you decide on your exam date not too far in future, but not impossibly near. Take into account any exigencies at work or in personal life, important events and so on.

2. In the first week, I prepared all my resources – including the free pdfs from Shiv Shenoy’s emails, and free books that were offered during that time, and then collected mock questions to try out later.

3. In the second week, I began to prepare by spending 2 hours every day.

I studied the PMBOK completely once. It took me a one whole week to do that. I understand that it is a bit dry to read, and can take more time or lesser for you than me. I used to take notes while studying to help me revise at the end of every chapter.

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4. Third and fourth week were crucial to me and so I spent slightly more than 2 hours daily, and during weekends, around 5 hours with sufficient breaks in-between.

• I studied with Shiv Shenoy’s notes (look for the menu at the top of this page that says something on the lines of ‘notes’), and attempted one question paper, corrected and learned from the mistakes I made while answering the questions.

• I read the PMBOK guide again from beginning to end and whenever I came across the questions I made mistake in the paper, I noted them down again.

• Memorized the formulas and wrote it down in the paper almost every day.

• I attempted one more question paper in the last few days and learned from the mistakes and updated the related notes.

For the process chart from the PMBOK, I did write it only once and did not memorize, and I think it is not required.

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5. One day before the exam, I relaxed and did not study anything.

Finally, I think PMBOK should be studied at least 3 times before the exam and it really helped me a lot.

Taking notes was yet another thing that helped me as I am a person who understands better with pictures instead of words to remember.

Hope my PMP study plan helps you. Please feel free to ask any questions on the preparation process, will be glad to respond.

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Good luck!

Gayathri Narayanan, PMP

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