Keep Things Simple & Try Mock Tests: Navneet Khajuria, PMP

pmp lessons learned navneetInitial prep

I planned for PMP in the December 2014 and first thing I did was bought HeadFirst book, because I like to keep things simple.

Navneet Khajuria pmpHeadfirst explains the things in easy way. However it does not cover all the topics for the exam but give u basic understanding of the concepts.

Gaining momentum

After going through HeadFirst book twice with slow pace, in December 2015 I enrolled for the KnowledgeWoods training and also joined’s Facebook community page. That is when I hit the top gear for my studies.

Post training, I reviewed all the concepts once again from the training material given by KW and then started taking mock exams.

It is important to take the mock exam but it is more important to review the questions and answers as well to get the understanding of the concepts.

I observed my weakness in certain areas like Quality and Procurement knowledge areas, and revised it.

If I had any doubts during mock tests, I would refer Rita’s book and PMBOK to gain the confidence on the topic.

I would suggest to join any online portal for the exam like blog. Apart from attempting the daily PMP questions posted on it’s Fb community page, I used to observe the explanation of the answer as well, which helped me building on the concepts.

Exam hurdles

The major hurdle that I faced was to get the exam date, as my application was rejected for the first time since PMI did not seem to like the descriptions of my project. But thankfully they gave me leverage to re-apply for the exam any time I wanted. I did not want to wait for long and re-applied on the same day as it got rejected.

With the second attempt it got approved and I applied for the exam for the very next as I was confident of my preparation.

Subsequently I got my PMP certification!

I wish you good luck!

Navneet Khajuria, PMP

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