[Just released!] New course, PMP® Exam Secret Strategies!

Working with PMP over 1500+ students over past 7 years, talking to them one-on-one before and after the exam, I have come to realize this –

Strategizing for the PMP exam is as important as studying for it.

Imagine going on a treasure hunt in the woods.

How awesome would it be to have a well drawn out map, knowledge of the pitfalls ahead and nature of the trail, so that getting to the treasure is straightforward and devoid of dangers, although still challenging.

For this reason I included the first one-on-one coaching session with the student of PM Exam Last Mile prep program to be to share the study strategies, techniques, and best practices.

The benefits of these strategies have been confidence in their preparation, increased predictability of the outcome, and the priceless peace of mind.

This is thus visible in the results the students have been getting!

Today, I am bringing you these strategies in the form of a video course.


PMP® Exam Secret Strategies!

pmp exam secret strategies
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Note – as a member of PM Exam Last Mile Prep program you have 100% free access to this course.

Let me guess

When you decided to take up PMP® certification, this is what you might have done –

You opened a browser window and googled ‘how to pass pmp’

I did it too, many years ago. 🙂 This is what most people do.

They get a zillion results, then they dig through the results, come across a zillion different approaches, tips, resources, and suggestions and then one of two things happen –

  • they invest in 4, 5, or even 6 of those resources and spread themselves too thin
  • they feel so much of information overwhelm that they become indecisive and just don’t do anything

Both are not good.

And a few brave ones start with PMBOK® – they see the 49 processes, their ITTOs, and they calculate the total number of ITTOs
and think,

“Okay, if I can remember these 670+ ITTOs I should be able to pass the exam.”

..and thus they get on a completely wrong path to their PMP exam. because with PMBOK®-first approach it is only an uphill task from there.

This is not to say you won’t get ITTO based questions on the exam – but there is a much better way to prepare for them than trying to remember all those ITTOs.

After working with thousands of PMP aspirants over the years, and hand-holding many to their PMP goal, if I say the following would you believe?

You would need few crucial insights about the exam, couple of research based study techniques & strategies, and a 4-part proven approach to pass the PMP easily, on the first attempt, with the best possible score.

In this course you will discover the secrets of PMP® success, tried and tested formula, honed and fine tuned by the experience of thousands of PMP students over the yeas, and the feedback taken directly from the trenches.

I invite you to come and join me as I unravel these secrets to enjoy your PMP exam preparation and pass it with confidence on the first attempt.

Take a minute to look at the Curriculum section to understand what you discover in this course. Better still, watch the intro video at the top this page.

It is time to strategize your PMP® exam. Like a true blue project manager.

pmp exam secret strategies

Get a head start over others, simplify your PMP challenge, get started with the map you need.

Cheers and all the best,



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