Prepare for ITTO Based Questions – Series of Concepts

pmp concepts 10 knowledge areasPMI changed the way they tested your ITTO knowledge in the new PMP Exam in Jan 2016. There are no more direct ITTO questions. Instead, the ITTO questions are based on concepts so you can deduce the answer out of given choices.

So, the question is – how do you prepare yourself for ITTO questions now?

Quite Simple.

* Step #1 – Understand the Data Flow Diagrams for each process from PMBOK.
* Step #2 – Understand the concepts of Project Management basics and each of the 10 Knowledge Areas.

To help in this regard, here’s ‘Concepts For ITTOs Series’ of 11 book series –
– Over 298 pages of pure PMP concepts
– Concepts broken down with simple examples, mnemonics and illustrations – making it easier to understand and recall
– Each of the Knowledge Area specific concepts explained in one an ebook
– You can also use these as a revision tool just before your exam
– Hailed by many students as instrumental in their PMP studies
– Note – these books have over 50% more concepts than that covered in PMP Study Blueprint emails

**Note: Currently the updated exam content is not included. Updates to follow soon.

Two ways to get these for FREE now –

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