Is PMPrepCast Legit Option for Your PMP Preparation?!

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As soon as I took the PMI membership I had this question –

Should I go take a one-on-one PMP training session taking off from work, or can I opt for an online course?

I found that the benefits of online option was far greater than former one.

  • I could learn from the comfort of my home or office or even learn while commuting
  • I could go over the same material any number of times, especially to understand complex concepts
  • I could just return the course if I didn’t find it useful, not an option if I took classroom training from one of the institutes around. So my risk on the investment is zero!

It was really the effectiveness and convenience of study, and the fact that I could get 35hrs mandatory exam requirement fulfilled by studying with a schedule I could put around my working hours – that made me opt for online course.

But I didn’t want to take any chances.  None at all.

So I wrote to PMI, asking whether I could take an online course that provides me 35hr project management certificate, that – more importantly – PMI would accept.

Here is the reply I got from PMI –


Thank you for contacting Customer Care at the Project Management Institute.

PMI Certification policies do not allow for the prescreening of a candidate’s educational background towards the 35 contact hour requirements.

Candidates can satisfy the project management educational requirement by successfully completing courses, workshops and training sessions through one or more of the following types of education providers:

– Courses or programs offered by PMI Registered Education Providers
– University/college academic and continuing education programs
– Courses or programs offered by PMI Component Organizations
– Courses or programs offered by employer/company-sponsored programs
– Courses or programs offered by distance learning companies (internet courses) ending with a tutorial segment
– Courses or programs offered by training companies or consultants

These hours may include content on project quality, scope, time, cost, human resources, communications, risk, procurement and integration management.

Candidates can document all project management education hours regardless of when they were accrued so long as the course work has been completed at the time of application.

Every hour of instruction would equal one contact hour.

Kindly be advised that the eligibility of Contact Hours from other sources is the responsibility of PMP and CAPM candidates and will be determined on a case-by-case basis through the application audit process.

Meanwhile, if we may be of further assistance, please feel free to contact us.

Customer Care Associate
Project Management Institute

Then started the online hunt for a suitable course. I came across a ton of them really, and it was getting hard to figure out which is the best option.

Then I came across Cornelius’s PMPrepCast.

This fell into not one but two buckets from PMI’s reply –

– Courses or programs offered by PMI Registered Education Providers
– Courses or programs offered by distance learning companies (internet courses) ending with a tutorial segment

Although reviews were great at first I wasn’t sure of the quality, that is until I went through their sample tutorials. Couple of them are below (click on them to view the video) –

I found Cornelius’s approach to teaching and course outline quite effective. Moreover, I didn’t have the risk of losing my investment as Cornelius provided a money-back guarantee if I wasn’t still satisfied.

I went ahead, bought his video course and I must say, pleasantly surprised with the results!
Hence the answer to the question posed in the header of this post is “A.B.S.O.L.U.T.E.L.Y!”

So, this is what I recommend to my readers, and people who ask me for a good study resource. For obvious reasons that Video is the most favored way our brain assimilates information, I find PMPrepCast to be a good complementary resource to PMBOK for anyone preparing for PMP exam.
100 free pmp sample questions
So much so that I decided to tie up with Cornelius for this course and help my readers.

Use this 4-steps to get your collection of PMPrepCast Video Series!

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  1. Step1: Clear your browser cache, so I can confirm you bought the product via my affiliate link and send you the bonus book!
  2. Step2: Click
  3. Step3: On billing page, use this ‘gift certificate’ code to get 10% off on the retail price: Dec13
  4. Step4: Mail me the order confirmation mail (shiv-at-pmexamsmartnotes-dot-com), or leave me a note on Facebook page to get my free bonus book – 100 completely explained sample PMP exam questions!

Let me know should you have any questions and I’ll be glad to help.

PS: Write to me for any help you need about PMP. Some of the links on this blog are affiliate links that earn me a small commission whenever you buy through them, at no extra cost to you. This helps me run this blog covering hosting costs and such, and continue provide value to valued subscribers like you. Thanks for your support

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