How to Pass the PMP Exam With Confidence, MUCH Before The New Exam Kicks In?

Are you wondering how to pass the PMP exam before the new and harder exam kicks in?

I will give you a way to pass your exam MUCH before the new exam, and with most confidence.

Read on..

PMP exam strategy consultation with Shiv

Dear friend,

A project manager will always look to manage risk. And as far as the PMP® exam is concerned, it is best to avoid the risk of taking the new, harder syllabus based exam with 40% more content.

And right now the best approach is to prepare the right way and pass it soon. Before the mad rush for remaining exam slots beginning sometime in April.

In case, unfortunately, you have failed the exam earlier, I understand that the next attempt might seem a bit dicey right now

Having worked with over a 1000 PMP® students, some of which have failed trice before coming to me, I understand what it takes to prepare the right way and pass the exam – while enjoying the whole process.

How do I know?

Because I have devised the method by leveraging the knowledge and experience of several hundreds of my students, right from the trenches.

Now you can get your own PMP® success strategy by talking to me, under 50 minutes.

Come, let us talk and chart the right strategy and a study plan that suits your needs, to pass PMP® exam soon.

NOTE – If you are already a student of my PM Exam Last Mile Prep program, then you get this session as a bonus – which is sent to you by email. So please do not book using the button below.


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Talk to you soon,

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* How to pass the PMP exam, is a strategy session with Shiv Shenoy that runs for 50 minutes. Just make sure that you choose your local timezone on the calendar before booking the strategy session time slot.

* You need a Skype account (preferably use a computer and not phone) for this. Please add Shiv using his Skype id shivshanker.shenoy

It is okay if you don’t have Skype right now, you can install it from here, after booking the session.

* While attending this 1-1 PMP strategy session, please be in a place where you do not get disturbed for an hour. Get a pen and paper to take notes! You can talk about any blockers you currently have as well.

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